Don’t Do Me Any Favors! A Love Letter To My Cold Virus…

You know how some people can  get a cold and be over it completely  within 2-3 days?

Sometimes  I am one of those people – and when that  happens, it’s  cause  for alarm.  For me, a short cold is just waiting to do its “big  finale” later. Waiting  for the other shoe  – or drop of mucus to drop.

A couple  of weeks ago, I caught  a cold on the first  day of my four-day vacation, and a few days later, it seemed  to be gone. But  it really  wasn’t…it was collecting  some friends, and waiting to jump me later. I’m  still feeling run down – being busier at work hasn’t  helped any. I really need some rest (and more cough syrup)!

I just can’t  seem to shake this cough. I’m  giving it a couple  of more days to vamoose, otherwise  we’ll  have to talk about it seeing other people. Begone!

I’d  love to get  my hands on candy made of real horehound extract. I had some real horehound  candies years ago that  really helped my cough. But I don’t  feel like leaving the house…ugh!

It really has been a while since  I’ve  had a bad cold…the last one was in January, 2018. I was  so overcome  by own…snot – that I did a Google  search for oversized  Kleenex! 😝 They  used to be  called “mansize,” but but have been rebranded  as “extra large” because of complaints about  sexism. I was not at all offended by the name! Sometimes  political  correctness goes too far IMHO…

The bright  side  was  my trivia  team got a tournament  question  right  around  that time about   (drum roll) -Kleenex!


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