It Feels Good…To Let Go Of Trivial “Obligations.”

I very recently decided that having my trivia team vie for a semifinals spot in the Sporcle Live league – just isn’t going to happen this time around. We recently lost our lead at Sticks, where were were playing every week – after 18 weeks. Sure, we’ll be able to RSVP and play semis someplace, probably not our first choice – but really – I just don’t give a f—. I’m good with not being a part of it this time and being more of a “spectator.”

I mainly decided this because we really won’t have much of a team to bring to semis. Our “three amigos” lineup of me, Mike and Brad – just won’t cut it in a tournament setting.

This time, I may offer my services to teams that might need an extra player, but I’m not going to try getting the ‘Pods to semis/finals next month. If semis are close enough to home, I can easily stop in just to hear the questions – and I can probably find someone willing to provide the questions from the finals (like I did last time).

I’m going to shift our focus to getting to the semifinals/finals in the “other” trivia league – My Trivia Live – which will be in December. We only need to play two more games in order to accomplish this.

I kind of like being free to move around the “trivia cabin!” Any other Sporcle Live games we play until the end of the year will be just for fun – not for trying to win a “spot.”

Yes, I know this is probably hard to believe for those folks whom are all too familiar with my trivial pursuits! But…I just don’t have the stomach for having November – my busiest and least favorite month of the year – be “tournament time.” No thank you! I’ll want my weekends to be as relaxed and as chill as possible in this potentially chaotic – and stressful month.

I’m going out for a trivia game tonight, and it “looks” like we might go out Saturday, too! Stay tuned – the trivia never stops with our team, but it occasionally slows down a bit…


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