Trivia Plans Week Of October 28, 2019

Where  will  the ‘Pods be doing  trivia  battle in the last week of October, 2019?

A lot has changed in the last couple  of weeks!  A new My Trivia  Live spot (Tower Inn) opened locally, we finally lost our lead at Sticks on Monday and a new Ann Arbor  spot (Lucky’s Market)  is starting trivia nights  on Halloween.

So…my “first mate” aka my  husband Mike and I decided  that we’ll  finish the last two weeks of the Sporcle Live season Mondays at Sticks – even if we have little chance to win the season. I’ve  excused  Brad from these games since he only wants  to  play once a week, and I need him more at the Tower  Inn games Wednesdays. Mike and I  may have a “helper” at these games.  Our mission  will be to just try winning  beer money. We’re  jokingly  calling it “Operation  Sinking Ship.”

We’ll  also play Wednesday at Tower  Inn and Lucky’s on Thursday.

A side note, and I don’t  want to sound  like a whiner, but this whole “12 highest  scores” thing hasn’t  done us any favors. In a 21 week  season, only the 12 highest scores count, and the lowest scores are deleted. The following  photo shows the scores of my team and our main competitor’s scores, with the highlighted  scores  being the lowest scores. Our team has had six scores lower than 120, they’ve  had seven. We’ve  had 12 scores higher than 120, they’ve  had 10. Do I need to hire a mathametitian at the beginning of each season to help me figure out the best way to win? Now our remaining “lowest” scores getting deleted are above 120 points.

2019-10-26 10.09.06

A side-by side look at our scores – and theirs. They always seem to go big or go home with their final wagers, our team is a bit more conservative. Maybe their strategy  is actually better than ours! #graphpaperisfun

Oh well, if we don’t  end up on top of the leader board  at the end, we could find… another way to get a first day pick tourney spot! We have kind of a talent for doing things  like this…

We’re  on our way to finishing  on top at Tower Inn and winning  a semis spot there. This will be the first time we’ve  attempted to vie for a MTL semis since the summer of 2018, when we took a break from MTL.

These last two weeks could be game changers! Stay tuned…


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