Trivia Recap – October 25, 2019 – Original Gravity

I’ll never forget the first time I saw The Naked Gun: From The Files of Police Squad in theaters when I was 16. Thanks to my parents, I was already a fan of these kinds of silly comedy films – they had taken me and my brother to see Airplane! when I wasn’t even quite 8 yet – the whole “auto pilot” gag where “Otto” the auto pilot is inflated was just funny to me as an 8-year-old because it was an…inflatable pilot! I wasn’t quite old enough to “get” the gag about “how” Otto the auto pilot was inflated! But that didn’t matter…I was hooked on this kind of comedy from the start.


Otto gets (ahem) – “inflated.”

Fast forward eight years to the opening of The Naked Gun: From The Files of Police Squad. One of my friends tagged along, as well as my cousin David, whom was living with us for a short time. There was plenty of laughter in the theater throughout most of the film, but there was one scene in particular where I was awkwardly the ONLY person in the Burton, MI movie theater laughing. If I said this was the only time in my life I’d done anything this awkward…I’d be lying! The scene involved a reception for Queen Elizabeth II, where the queen would be in attendance. A large sheet cake was brought out with Queen Elizabeth’s face on it! For reasons I can’t quite explain…the whole absurdity of there being a sheet cake with the queen’s face on it just…killed me – and only me, apparently!

2019-10-25 14.34.18.jpg

This shot of Her Majesty a’la cake is from my TV screen…

Years later, I would buy this movie and its two sequels on DVD, so I’ve seen them quite a few times. Sigh…you always kind of hope there will be a final question in a trivia game about a movie, a song, or TV show you absolutely adore – even if others think you’re a weirdo for liking it. Well…on Thursday I WAS that weirdo! We had a final question about The Naked Gun: From The Files of Police Squad. Biggest… triviagasm …ever!

As for the game…I visited Original Gravity for what will likely be the last time of the year – wanting to do trivia battle by myself (it’s not easy getting a team to play at this “outpost” trivia spot). I finished with 114 points, won a first place/$20 prize in game one. I’ve grown to appreciate the laid back – yet slightly feisty – OG trivia crowds over the past few years of playing here.  Sitting at the bar is THE place to be at OG trivia nights! I almost didn’t get a bar seat – there was one open one on the end near the video games, but…I avoided THAT one (reasons)! I sat at a six-seater table for a spell while I waited for a seat to open up at the bar (usually happens when the happy hour folks clear out by 7:30).

You just don’t get a “feel” for the trivia scene at OG while sitting at the tables – the same way you do while sitting at the bar. I remember when there was a question about hot dog eating contests in the game (about a year ago or so), and someone at the bar said that hot dog eating contests should be how disputes between men should be settled. You’re just not going to hear stuff like this if you’re sitting at a table! #youhadtobethere

A couple of “newbies” sitting next to me played for the first time (I helped explain how to wager, etc.), and their team name poked fun of the league team Mind The Gap. I think they decided upon “Mind This Gap?” They teased me a bit for handing in my wager slip for the ’80s movies final question category really early. I just said, “Well, I saw lots of movies in the ’80s, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to know the answer.” Case in point, we had an ’80s music category a while back that turned out to be a song about lyrics in the Toto song Africa (groan)! You just never know…

And now…the questions! Assume they are all abbreviated…

Game One

1. Condiments – What plant used to make sushi is often called Japanese horseradish? 10

2. #1 Hits – What “place” is mentioned in the title of a #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in late 1989 and early 1990 – “Another Day in (blank)?” 9

3. Winning TV – In 2019, a BBC series became the first BBC series to win outstanding comedy series – what was that series? FB clue, 8

4. Breweries – Of the 10 largest breweries in the U.S. by volume of beer produced, which one is named for the city in which the brewery is headquartered? Not confident, but got for 5.

5. Government – What country’s government after World War I was called the Weimar Republic? I’m not strong on Euro history, could’ve used help from my “amigos” Mike and Brad on this one! My first guess would’ve been correct, but I put a hyphenated country for 2.

6. In the Air – The regional service for American Airlines is called American Eagle. Name the respective regional services for American Airlines or Delta Airlines – both for a bonus point. Nope and nope…

7. Hockey – Name the two westernmost NHL teams with animal mascots, 6.

8. Planets – At their closest approaches, approximately how much closer is Mercury to the sun than Earth is to the sun – 2X, 3X, 5X or 7X? Got this on  a guess for 1.

9. Bases – What non-governmental environmental group operated World Park Base in Antarctica from 1987 to 1992 with a goal to influence other countries to declare Antarctica a world park? I did not write this question down in its entirety…



10. Monsters – Gamera, introduced in the 1960s, was intended to compete with what other monster? More movie memories! Me and my brother used to watch “monster” movies like this together when we were kids at a local movie theater while my mom went grocery shopping. Win-win! Mom got to shop in peace without us kids bickering or saying “Mom buy me that!”  – and we got to see monster movies!

Mystery – This Day In History

On this day in:

M1 – 1901 – Annie Edson Taylor became the the first woman to survive a trip over what landmark on her 63rd birthday

M2 – 2003 – What supersonic jet made its final flight?

M3 – 1861 – What company completed the first transcontinental telegraph in the U.S.

M4 – 1926 – What entertainer and stunt performer gave his final performance in Detroit

Missed #2 and #3 though I did think of correct answer for #3 after handing it in (d’oh)!

I was in fourth out of six teams heading into the final…Mind the Gap and If You Ain’t First, You’re Last were tied for first with 63 points.

Final Category – ’80s comedies

In the 1988 film The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad, Frank Drebin shoots antagonist Vincent Ludwig with a dart at the end of the movie. After falling from a baseball stadium, name one of the three things that “kills” Ludwig after the fall.


Final standings: 10 Inch Roosters, 74; ‘Pods, 79.

Game Two

1. Knowledge – What digital encyclopedia was published by Microsoft from 1993 to 2009 and was originally on a CD-ROM? 10.

2. TV Actresses – What actress has appeared in more than 20 episodes of The Office and more than 100 episodes of Parks and Recreation? 9

3. Juice – Of the eight vegetables which made up the original V8 juice which two are root vegetables? 8

4. Books – What author’s book “A Dream of Spring” is supposed to be the last in a series but has not yet been written? Miss.

5. Debates – Within one, how many of the 26 Democratic presidential candidates have participated in all four presidential debates? Needed my “political guy” Mike for this one, miss.

6. Borders – Which constituent country of the United Kingdom is the only one to share a border with two others? Almost overthought this…glad I didn’t…

7. #1 Albums – Audio clip of a band that released six studio albums after 1991 that reached #1 on the Billboard albums charts, the song played was “Sad But True.”

8. College Nicknames – Three Atlantic Conference football teams including Fordham, Rhode Island and Virginia Commonwealth have “horned” mascots – what is that mascot? I wrote down ram, unicorn, bull, owl…(yes there really is a horned owl). One of these was correct, but not the one I wrote down (no I didn’t put down unicorn)! This might be a “Bradegory.”

9. Soup – What clear soup’s name comes from the French meaning “to complete?”

10. Avengers – Which founding member of the Avengers has the last name Odenson? Yup..Oden’s Son!

Visual Mystery –


Missed #2.

Scores heading into the final: Trey’s Turtles, 22; Mind This Gap, 24; 10 inch Roosters, 27; Mind the Gap, 48; This is Sparta, 54; ‘Pods, 55; and If You Ain’t First, You’re Last, 63.

Final Category  – Elements

I wagered 20 – because in past final questions about elements, I’m not always a miss! If it were a matter of just coming up with a name…but no, this question was a bit too complex, especially me by my lonesome!

There are 11 reactive nonmetals on the periodic table, and they are located in five different groups. Name one of the two reactive nonmetals with the lowest atomic numbers, both of which are also the only reactive nonmetals in their respective groups.

Reactive? What does THAT mean? Does that mean “radioactive?” Sorry…I didn’t take no chemistry in school! No, it’s never good when you don’t even really understand the question!

Game winners: This is Sparta, 74, If You Ain’t First, You’re Last, 76.

No more trivial pursuits this week! We’ll be on “sinking ship” detail and playing Monday at Sticks! Will we go down with the ship – or find a floating piece of wreckage to cling to? Anyone ever read that story about the baker on the Titanic who got shit faced when the ship was sinking – and miraculously survived the disaster? Still can’t be explained with SCIENCE! But maybe it all comes down to…keeping calm and surviving a shipwreck! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, George R.R. Martin!




One thought on “Trivia Recap – October 25, 2019 – Original Gravity

  1. game one answers: wasabi, paradise, fleabag, boston, germany, connections one/united express, coyotes/sharks, 3x, greenpeace, godzilla
    mystery – niagara falls, concorde, western union, houdini
    final answer: steamroller, bus, marching band
    game two answers: encarta, rashida jones, beet/carrot, george rr martin, 9, england, metallica, rams, consomme, thor
    mystery – jackie, no strings attached, garden state, v for vendetta
    final answer: hydrogen, carbon

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