Trivia Recap – October 24, 2019 – Tower Inn

Our team’s “Three Amigos” visited Tower Inn for its “new again” My Trivia Live scene Wednesday. We won a $20/second place prize, mainly thanks to “strategically” wagering on the final question. We finished with 63 points going into the final question – we got all of the halftime questions correct (in the category of ticker symbols – not a strong ‘Pods category) but made some other “amateurish” flubs throughout the game.

Assume all questions will be abbreviated…

Round One

1. Jokes – Why was Six afraid of Seven in the classic joke? I honestly had never heard this joke before, but Mike did…5

2. Rainy Days – A bumper shoot is another word for what helpful rainy day item? 3

3. Sports (freebie newsletter question) – What president once called a play for the Washington Redskins that ended up losing 13 yards?

The game host Stacy said the newsletter answers will be changing to something different in November, and will become the “word of the day.” for one question per game that players don’t know an answer, they’ll be able to use the “word of the day” for their answer to this question. We did ask if it meant screaming really loud whenever someone says the “word of the day” per Pee Wee’s Playhouse rules…


Round Two

1. Rivers – The 1848 Guadelupe Hidalgo Treaty decreed that what river would serve as the border between the U.S. and Mexico? 5

2. Horror – What 1960 horror movie can be summarized like this: “Secretary steals a bundle of cash, goes on the run and regrets her lodging choice? 3

3. Late Night – What talk show host succeeded Jay Leno in 2009? Bonus – What host’s 2003 talk show originally had a bar as part of the set until someone vomited? Missed the bonus.

Round Three

1. U.S. States – Bartholomew Bayou in Louisiana shares a border with what other U.S. state? Miss.

2. In the Kitchen – What musical instrument’s name – when an “e” is added to the end – becomes a kitchen utensil commonly used for shredding? None of us had ever heard of this gadget…miss for 3.

3. Recent Movies – What R-rated comedy film featuring the antics of three young boys recently became the first R-rated comedy film to finish first at the U.S. weekend box office for the first time since 2016? Would not have gotten this had I not recently looked at a list of high-grossing movies! I wondered what this one was about but never got around to looking it up…


How could a movie about these…boys – be R-rated? Inquiring minds…

Halftime – Identify the companies based on their abbreviations used by the U.S. Stock Exchange.

H1 – JCP

H2 – DIS

H3 – PFE

H4 – JNJ

Got them all. 31 points at the half, which put us in second.

Round Four

1. Flowers – For a flower to be classified as “perfect,” it must contain a male stamen and female what? There was some bickering about the pronunciation of the other word because Brad is originally from Western MI and pronounces the letter “i” in his own strange way. Still, we got it.

2. Word Origins – What was the medical word for isolating sick people when they were in boats at sea during the Plague days? 3

3. Literature – Android Karenina is a spoof version of a book involving an android-filled world based on an original work by what author?

Round Five –

1. Same Name – What name for Shakespearean king of the fairies shares a name with the second largest moon of Uranus?

2. Poets – In 1961, the author of The Mending War became the first Poet Laureate of Vermont?

3. Museums – Founded in 1897, what is the name for the United Kingdom’s official collection of British art? Miss.

Round Six –

1. Romcoms – What actress appeared in two romcoms in the 2000s that both share names with Lynyrd Skynyrd songs?

2. Football Players – What football player temporarily quit the NFL in 1969 because of his stake in New York night club? Miss.

3. Ships – In sailing, when a person is facing forward, the term “port” refers to which side of the ship?  I was playing with the grandson of a Navy man and the son of a Navy man, so we weren’t going to miss this!

Sixty-three points…this put us in first heading into the final. But we all know how MTL final questions can be!

Final Category – Shocking Singers

VH-1’s list of 100 Most Shocking Moments in Rock ‘n Roll, most recently updated in 2009, includes one artist who appears on the list three times – including the number one spot. Name that artist.

We went with the guy who ate live animals on stage, which was not correct…but only wagered 52 points.

We finished second with 11 points behind Keep Your Bad News To Yourself, who wagered zero. Four teams wagered it all and had to battle a tiebreaker for third (unsure who was victorious).

Special engagement trivia night tonight…a solo player will be out ‘n about!

As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, “Broadway Joe” Namath!



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