Second Place Tower Inn Tonight…

We won  $20/second  place in our  trivia  game tonight. The “boys” are doing some post-game shenanigans  at a local watering hole, and I’m  cozy on the couch and watching Forensic Files. I’m still not feeling 100 percent – I just downed shots of ZQuil and some non alcoholic cough syrup in addition to two pints of Founders Solid Gold lager (which I had at the bar earlier). Bring the sleep!

Founders  is in the news right  now because  of a discrimination  lawsuit by a former  employee. Apparently  some bars have stopped serving Founder’s  beers  as a result (including Bobcat Bonnie’s). I would share a link to the stories, but they are all over the Internets…

Sorry, but a $3 pint is a $3 pint!

Recap Thursday! As of now  I’m  not leaning  toward playing  at OG Thursday…but if that  changes, you blog followers will know about it! I’ve just been too wiped out this week –  I was not even  totally  up for playing  tonight  #thethingsidowhenatourneyspotisontheline

Catch  y’all on the rebound!

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