Trivia Recap – October 17, 2019 – Tower Inn

Here are the questions  from the most recent  trivia game at Tower  Inn (Ypsilanti, MI):

Round  One

Initialisms – What does  the  letter  T stand for in ATM (banking  parlance)?

Keys – What type of master key got its name from being bare bones and whittled down?

Universities – Did not write this down (newsletter q).

Round  Two

Boxers – Whose ear  did Mike Tyson  bite in a 1997 heavyweight  title match?

Classic Movie Lines – What was the first word uttered in Citizen Kane?

McDonald’s  – Introduced  in 1971, who was the mayor of McDonaldland? Bonus, what adjective  was used to describe Grimace when he was introduced  as an antagonist  the same year? Missed the bonus. Don’t  remember  much about 1971!

Round Three

Disney Animals – In what classic 1940 Disney animated film would you find Monstro the whale?

Cars (not my favorite  subject  lately ugh) – Alloy wheels  are made of aluminum and what other metal? Miss

Magazines – Interview  magazine was co-founded  by what pop artist in 1969?

Halftime – Presidential  Prizes

ID the president  receiving a Nobel Prize when given  the year they received  the prize.

1906, 1920, 2002, 2009

Got all of these, 36 points at the half tied with team whose name I will never  use in any trivia  recaps  again (though it may be uttered by me when cursing them, LOL) #iamnotawitchijustwanttotagalongontheirhellishcrusade

Round Four

Ages – A super centenarian is how old?

Names – Most popular baby girl name beginning  with  E in 2018 (other qualifiers  didn’t  write  them all down).

Soviet Union – Give the exact number of Russian states  from 1922 to 1991. There may be awesome  teams who know this number off the top of their heads. Ours  is not one of those teams, but we still got it #thatsfuckingeammwork

Round  Five

Multitalented Actors – Primetime Emmy  winning actor and director appearing on Atlanta and member of Childish Gambino (not sure if I have  wording exactly right, I’m  typing this on my tablet).

Religion – Who founded Scientology?

Stupor Bowl   (not correcting) – What team  was defeated  by the Patriots in Stupor Bowl 49? Miss

Round  Six

Classic TV – What show started out in its first  three  seasons as Make Room For Daddy before changing its name to highlight  the star? Error 404, pop culture reference  not found  by any of us (even  our “old guy” Brad).

World Capitals – Freetown is the capital of what West African coastal nation?

U.S. Cities – Pike Place Market is in what  US city? Love  when Brad says “That’s  easy” #triviagasm

68 points after  these  six rounds, in second  behind team with no name who had 72.

Including  “acts” such as The Who and Simon  and Garfunkel, the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame class of 1990 included two inductees with what common number in their name?

We were one off from the correct  number, no prizes.

Trivia again Monday at Sticks. As always, Go Pods and stay classy, Donald Glover!

Sorry, no answers  for this recap!





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