Meet The New Buzztime “Kid” On The Block – Pastor!

My husband is finally growing up! He now has his own Buzztime trivia account (screen name Pastor) so I’ll have to worry about playing against him in trivia contests! As I learned the past couple of weeks, he’s actually better at the Buzztime trivia than I am! He’s just more of a “gamer” and is quicker/more deft at using the controls than I am. I’m decent at taking my time and coming up with correct answers in pub trivia games, but I would say I’m just “average” when it comes to Buzztime trivia. My husband used to “team up” when we played, using my account – and his hands to answer the questions. Now we’ll be competitors – but probably only on the nights when Scott pesters us to log in and play (he can be very bossy, LOL)! Here’s the avatar he made:


I think it’s a bit Harry Potter-esque, but the avatar generator that Buzztime uses doesn’t give a lot of options.

My husband used to say that he refused to engage in any trivia battles against me. Now it might become a Monday night “after game” ritual for us to wage Buzztime warfare after our pub trivia games (at least when Scott has a say in the matter, LOL)!

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