I Just Woke Up From a Nap And…

There’s a silver fox guy  on MSNBC – white shirt playfully  unbuttoned a bit, navy sport coat, chiseled cheek bones, kind of looks like an older Christian  Bale (hey sometimes boys are kind  of cute too – sort of like  those  skimpily dressed women who came into Sticks during trivia Monday – Scott and I both aye carumbahed over them…skintight  white lace bodysuit  thing  and shorts oh lord but I digress)! Ahem..

But the cutest thing  about  this  silver fox Republican  Joe Walsh (I presume he’s not the same Joe  Walsh that played guitar  for The Eagles and had a solo hit with Life’s  Been Good) – he was talking about getting  Republican  support for impeachment! He maybe a bit  too “preppy” for my tastes, but  I’m  flexible!

Talk dirty to me, Joe Walsh! Pardon me while I queue up the song Rocky Mountain  Way!

Who sez I don’t  pay enough  attention  to politics?

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