What’s The (Trivia) Plan, Stan?

I “think” I’ve roughed out a plan for the remainder of both this Sporcle Live trivia season (which ends the week of November 4) and the end of the My Trivia Live season (which ends the week of October 28).

So…what will the ‘Pods be up to? Trivia, of course!

Mondays, we’ll continue playing every week at Sticks until the end of the Sporcle Live season (last game November 4). Wednesdays, beginning next week, we’ll “try out” the new My Trivia Live show at Tower Inn. There are three games remaining in the MTL season, so that’s a perfect way for us to dangle our “tentacles” into the trivial waters and see if we like it – or not.

For the last week of the Sporcle Live season, I plan to play either Wednesday at The Owl, or Thursday at Original Gravity just to squeeze in a last Milan game before the “icky weather” months begin.

I haven’t made any real trivia plans for the “off season.” If the Tower Inn games look promising, we might give a try to playing there each week. It’s been a little more than a year since we’ve played any MTL games regularly – and I’m definitely a “never say never” kind of gal! Will we try qualifying for MTL tournaments again? Sorry…a lady doesn’t kiss and tell! You’ll just have to wait and see!

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