No Sir, I Don’t Like It! 21-Week Trivia Seasons, That Is…And In Other Trivia News


“Mr. Horse” from Ren and Stimpy opines about…something

I think I’ve decided that I don’t care for the 21-week trivia season format that Sporcle Live has been doing since the beginning of 2019. With this format, only the 12 highest scores count, and the lowest ones get thrown out. Part of me says, “If you’re only counting the 12 highest scores, when why not just make the season 12 weeks long?” But then I’d sound like Rob Reiner when he asks why the Spinal Tap band members in This Is Spinal Tap why they don’t just make 10 louder (rather than make their amplifier dials go to 11).

I know everything Sporcle is doing is probably to prepare for their big national trivia to-do – aka “TriviaCon” – in April, 2020, so that is probably their raison d’etre. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to be able to attend this big trivia “happening,” but sadly, that won’t be happening. I can’t afford the airfare and accommodations, can’t take the time off required to do a cross country road trip, yada yada. I’m sure I’m not the only player for which this event just isn’t in the cards (though I really do hope it succeeds).

My husband and I both talked about how we miss the 12-13 week seasons that used to be the norm. That My Trivia Live (usually) still does. It’s “just enough” commitment – without being too much. If you found out you didn’t like a trivia spot after three months, you could try a new one next season.

Of course this doesn’t mean we’re going to stop playing Sporcle Live trivia games! I just wanted to throw my opinion out there, because, well…this IS my blog site!

I know it SOUNDS like players don’t have to play every one of the 21 games, but many of the league teams do wind up playing all of the games. And when they’re “tied” to a spot for that long, they’re not necessarily going to be going to try out new trivia spots that open up. Especially if they’re teams that only play one day a week – every week. Teams like mine, which play more than once per week, might be more inclined to try out new spots. Which is something I’m absolutely ITCHING to do during the upcoming “off season” – if Sporcle declares the weeks between mid November and January to be the “off season.” These last five games…geez – when will this be over?

A couple of spots I will want to check out will be Lucky’s Market in Ann Arbor (Thursdays – listed as “coming soon”) and Bobcat Bonnies (also coming soon Wednesdays).

I have mixed feelings, of course about the season drawing to a close (when do I not)? Yes, I want the season to be over and to be free to move about the “trivia cabin.” But the season being over also means we have to go into “hibernation” and put the games at Milan on hold until the following Spring. Which makes me sad -because I like playing games in Milan! It’s become a “second trivia home,” of sorts – since we’ve been playing there regularly/semi-regularly since March, 2016. The competition in Milan will ALWAYS be a draw for me 😉 The free parking in Milan is nice too (the days of free parking in Ypsilanti are numbered, sadly enough).

Speaking of Milan, we’ll be playing at Original Gravity Thursday for the first time since May 23. I think I’ll have just three players for this game – including Dave, who hasn’t played with us since early September. We’ll most likely return to The Owl the following week and play the remaining games there until the season is done. Anyone else annoyed with the Odd Side Ales tap takeover? I mean…I like a couple of their beers (including one that tastes like Girl Scout Thin Mints), but some of them are just too….odd. I’m not touching any beers aged in bourbon barrels with a 10 foot pole – and staying even farther away from beers that also have bacon in them (not everyone is Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation and loves bourbon and bacon). I’m looking at you, “Hipster Brunch Stout!”

I did talk to my team about the possibility of playing “occasional” games at Oscar’s now that there will be a different host at the helm, so that could become an occasional spot during good weather, too.

I still haven’t heard anything about that new Ypsilanti MTL spot that was “rumored” to be coming soon. Though I do wonder if any trivia companies have attempted to “serenade” Dos Fuentes, which just opened on Whittaker in front of Kroger. They were previously open as “La Fuente” in a nearby strip mall, but have much bigger digs now (I had lunch there with my folks/aunt today). I think the bar and adjacent areas would work well for trivia (though there could be some good spots for cheating).

What else is going on? Well, I did see that Short’s Locals Light lager is on tap at The Owl, which I highly recommend to anyone looking for a decent “beer flavored beer.” But if you’re feeling more…adventurous, give that “Brainless” raspberry beer on the nitro tap a try (just make sure the person pouring it doesn’t give you too much…heh heh – “head.”) You only get 10 ounces for $5.25, but at 9 percent ABV, well, every single ounce counts! It really is quite delicious.

That’s about it for this silly trivia update! We may have a “guest player” again at our game tonight at Sticks. We can use all the help we can get!

Catch y’all on the rebound…


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