Strong Black Tea -Helps With Asthma Symptoms!

I grew up with asthma, and  it stayed with me until my early 30s, then poof, it was gone. Even when I stupidly took up smoking  seven years ago (I quit for good January  7), I never had any asthma flareups.

Today, it came back…the underlying  wheeze, tightness in the chest. Figures, I’m  allergic to cats, and I’m in a closed house with three cats and a large dog ! And one of the kitties wasted no time  jumping on my lap. Even though I took a Claritin clone beforehand, my poor, poor immune  system didn’t  stand a chance! Uncle?

I just  finished a cup of strong black tea, and my mother in law gave me a rescue inhaler (not using that unless I have to).

I’m  outside  in the fresh air, and just finished the tea, so I’m  doing a lot better.



Strong coffee also helps with asthma flareups #protip #takeitfromanasthmatic

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