What To Drink at The Owl Tonight?

A couple of weeks ago at The Owl coffeehouse/tap house in Milan, MI – they had a delightful cherry cider called Cherry Chuckle. It was “about” five bucks – and 6.9 percent ABV (alcohol by volume). It was a nice “sipper” – my husband and I easily had just one per trivia game.

Sadly, last week when we revisited The Owl for the trivia night, the cider was no longer on the menu. That’s to be expected, they do rotate their taps quite a bit. But I just wasn’t seeing any beers I really wanted to drink. They had a “tap takeover” from Odd Side Brewery – and I just didn’t want anything Odd Side had to offer. Their blonde ale was a coffee beer (I just don’t care for coffee beers) – they had a “Hipster Brunch Stout” (with bacon in it, among other things) – big pass on that – and a New England IPA. The combination of beer styles I wasn’t interested in drinking – and prices I wasn’t willing to pay – meant that my husband and I opted to have some tart hibiscus-infused iced tea (not alcoholic). This would actually be pretty good with a shot of Bacardi light rum in it!

I like that there are choices for non-alcoholic drinks at the owl besides (yawn) – just a glass of overly sugary soda. But could I get just a “regular” beer for around five bucks – please?

Maybe the “beer gods” heard my prayer! Tonight – there is a Hefeweizen listed as one of the choices. Just $5 for a pint of 6 percent ABV beer. It’s made by Greenbush Brewery based in Sawyer, MI. My husband and I visited that brewery in August – and I can say that they generally make some good beers (plus it seems it’s more and more difficult to find German beer styles at craft breweries anymore – and I grow weary of New England IPAs, juicy IPAs, West Coast IPAs, Centennial IPAs, double IPAs, triple IPAs, quadruple IPAs, quintuple IPAs, sextuple IPAs, dry hopped IPAs, every single hop variety on the planet IPAs gah – ENOUGH WITH THE IPAs ALREADY). Yes, I like an IPA from time to time – but sometimes I just want a beer that actually tastes good – and doesn’t make me “think” too much. I need to save the thinking for trivia games – ya know? 🙂

Trivia – did you know IPAs were originally developed because the hoppiness was good for withstanding boat voyages between England and India?

If the Hefeweizen is still available by the time I go out to the game, I’ll probably choose that one!  It’s probably as close to “beer flavored beer” that the Owl has to offer among its choices tonight!

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