Staying The Course For Remainder Of Trivia Season…

We won’t  be making any drastic changes in these last six remaining  weeks of the current  trivia  season. We’ll  continue playing Mondays  at Sticks and Wednesdays at The Owl or Thursdays  at Sticks. Just looking at how my work schedules are trending, we’ll  probably  be able to log at least 12 scores  at The Owl and secure  a possible second place spot at the end. I’m  unsure  whether we’ll  be able  to play Thursdays at Sticks in the near future.

After this season, all  “away” games in Milan will be put on hold indefinitely (mainly  because  of inclement  weather). Milan games, if they continue, will start up again in the Spring of 2020. This has pretty much been our pattern since the beginning, with Milan being strictly  a “warm weather  trivia spot.”

We’ll  hold off on checking out the new Bobcat Bonnie’s trivia  spot (which has not yet opened) until the off season. Then, we’ll  figure  out whether it could be a regular  spot for us.

No plans for us to “regularly” play in any My Trivia Live spots in the near future, though checking out the new Wednesday MTL  trivia spot (which has not been announced  yet) may happen during the off season in late November. Any MTL tournament  bids (even as a hired gun) are likely…fin. That ship has sailed, though  I may reconsider my decision in 2020.

All trivia plans, as always, are subject to change! Our next scheduled  game is Monday at Sticks.

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