Me Vs. Insomnia Tonight…

I’m  trying (operative word trying) to have  a sober night  tonight. But  I’m  worried  that doing so will mean shitty sleep. So…tonight I’ll  try a couple of non-prescription  OTC options. I’m  not expecting  much, since Hell – Tylenol 3 with Codeine did NOTHING to help me sleep when I had a tooth pulled last January. Except f–ed up dreams – once I did get to sleep (one involving a giant Maine coon cat having  kittens and an accident on a freeway ramp). So I guess I got a little magic carpet ride at the very least (also T3 didn’t  help the pain either).

Here’s  what  I’ll  try tonight  (yes trying both since I’m  an advanced  placement  drinker and am not a tiny girl):


Note the key ingredient in the bottle – 10 % alcohol! Wish me luck! The other active ingredient in the Nyquil clone is the same as Benadryl, which has successfully  helped me sleep before.


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