Two “Distracting” Trivia Game Questions From Wednesday – Involving Two Different Hot Guys…

I was chatting with a trivia “comrade” earlier who plays  at Corner Brewery  Wednesday nights. He said one of his female teammates was distracted  thinking about actor Randall Park, an Asian actor from the TV series Fresh Off  The Boat (apparently  she thinks he’s  a “hottie.”) So they didn’t  get the wording exactly correct.


Actor Randall Park from Fresh Off The Boat. Not my type, but apparently another female trivia player seems to fancy him!

She was swooning over Randall Park, so she wrote Fresh Off The Park…

The team took the flub in stride, but teased  her for the rest of the night.

About 16 or so miles south of the Corner Brewery,  me and my team were trying  to figure out answers to a visual mystery  round – and I “swooned” a bit about a guy  in photo #3:


When we were looking at these pics, I said to the 20-something  year old woman next to me, “1970s David Gilmour was so hot” (second guy from left in photo #2). Although  Richard Wright (far left) is kind of cute, too…

Ultimately, it’s  talent – such as mad guitar skills – that REALLY makes David Gilmour hot (just listen to his guitar solos on Time and Comfortably Numb as examples. Oh yes, and also Dogs. Now how about one more photo of David Gilmour?


Eye of the beholder, for sure – but ultimately  all attraction starts with the brain – the sexiest organ of them all!

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