New Player In Our Mix Tonight! And Also…Trivia News…

One of our players is bringing a friend to our trivia game at The Owl tonight, so we’ll have a very, very rare FOUR players in our mix! Rather than considering new players liabilities, I like to consider them “wild cards” instead! You just never know what kinds of things “rookie” players will know that you don’t know! Maybe they regularly watch a reality TV or other TV show you don’t watch, maybe they saw a movie you didn’t see, maybe they listen to some newer music artists you don’t listen to, maybe they read a book you didn’t read – you just never know!

I haven’t really made blogging a big priority today, because I’ve been busy around the house! I went through a rather daunting mountain of unopened mail (mental note – go paperless with more of our bills and go through mail once every week or two), got started on laundry and did all of the dishes. Don’t think it’s impressive that I did the dishes? Well, we recently did a “taco night,” which tends to dirty up more dishes than your average garden variety dinner! So many ramekins, plates, bowls…(but boy were those chicken tacos delish)!

I’m digging this weather! No humidity, nice breeze – will be nice to take a walk around Milan before our game. Maybe I’ll see that groundhog by that car repair shop (the one on the road leading to the ball diamonds that always has really cool old cars in the parking lot – there was a Chevy Bel Air last time we checked). I even saw the Dodge version of an El Camino probably about a year ago – what is it called (hastily checks google) ah, Rampage! It’s actually a little more “sporty” looking than an El Camino, but it’s still a “caruck” (my word for a car with a pickup bed in the back).


This is not the Dodge Rampage we saw, but it looked similar to this one. I wonder what other Dodge vehicles had the same frame? Will have to look into that!

My friend Brad has a funny joke about these cars, he calls them “mystery cars.” What’s the mystery, you ask? “Why’d you buy it?” It’s much funnier when he says it than by reading me writing it. My only real experience with these “hybrids” is my college roommate John had an El Camino. Sometimes me, my boyfriend and him would all pile in it when we went to places. Single seater – front seat only!

New Wednesday MTL Spot Coming Soon!

In other news, it sounds like a new MTL spot will be offered Wednesdays in Ypsilanti. From what the host said in a comment thread, it’s a pretty sure thing now – though she’s still not saying where it is or what time it will be.

Also, Geeks Who Drink trivia has folded at the Wurst Bar. About three months ago or so, the owner decided to stop offering MTL trivia nights and switched to the Geeks Who Drink company instead. He even offered to “bribe” me and my team with a free round of drinks if we came out to play (we didn’t take him up on his offer). I would love to see a decent Wednesday MTL show open up, even if we don’t play there for a tournament spot.

Honestly, I think the MTL tournament ship has sailed for me – even if just playing as a “hired gun.” Multiple reasons – the heavy cutthroat competition, attitudes of the players, the overall “un-fun” atmosphere of MTL semis/finals. If you can’t take the heat – get out of the kitchen?  All it took was me for me to sit in (not play for reals) at the most recent MTL finals to bring all of this home. It was a wake-up call – but I’ll let Gimli from The Lord of the Rings say what’s on my mind here in a far more gruff – and interesting way:


This was how I felt looking at the players in the room at the last MTL finals in South Lyon, MI…

I’m feeling good about how things are going for my team! We’re in a good place – we’re playing pretty well, winning enough nightly prizes to not get too discouraged, and the attitudes of our players are “generally good.” My husband started to get a little cranky last Monday when we had a shitty time in game one, so I basically said this to him:

Why don’t you head to the other bar downstairs and we’ll meet you after the game? Brad and I will handle the rest of the game without you.

He didn’t opt to do that! He wound up sticking around – and complaining a lot less!

Sometimes it’s those little victories that matter the most!


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