Watched An Old “Superman” Cartoon This Morning!

Shortly after I woke up this morning, I turned on the TV and started scrolling through my channel to guide to see if anything good was on. And I saw that my local “community access” channel had “cartoons” listed. OK! I used to love Saturday morning cartoons, so why not? In fact, I used to love Saturday morning cartoons so much, that it was one of many reasons I gave up on ballet (which happened the same time Looney Tunes cartoons were on). Believe  me – there were PLENTY other reasons I decided to “ditch” ballet! Around the time I embarked on the ill-fated “ballet experiment,” I looked like this:


I used to wear this T-shirt over my leotard! Which irked my ballet instructor no end…

So I went to that channel…and it looked like an old Superman short was airing! I kept the sound turned down because my husband was still asleep upstairs, but I could see that Lois Lane appeared to be working undercover at a “secret” plant used to make weapons for the war (World War 2). You can read about that Superman short here. It’s funny I stumble upon an old Superman cartoon when just two days ago we had a Superman related trivia question!

What element that was discovered by William Ramsay and Morris Travers in 1898 shares its name with a fictional location first introduced forty years later?


Things go afoul for Lois Lane, who gets shoved into a torpedo. Who can save her now?

So I poked around on the Internets a bit to see if I could find out more, and learned that the short is called Destruction Inc. Wikipedia says it was thirteenth of seventeen animated Technicolor short films based upon the DC Comics character of Superman. Produced by Famous Studios, the cartoon was originally released to theaters by Paramount Pictures on December 25, 1942.

I was hoping one more cartoon would air after this one, but nope…It is a community access channel, after all! Three different groups of kids had their own little segments. Yes, it’s exciting for the kids – and their parents – to be on TV, but…(whine) – – I wanted to watch another Superman cartoon!

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