Big News On MTL Front…

I’ve  decided to sit out the next round of My Trivia  Live semis/finals. For the past couple  of seasons, I was a “loaner” with a friend’s  team, I’ve  let her  know about  my decision.

When I  sat in on the MTL finals in August, I really  enjoyed  not “having” to answer  the questions. Playing  as a “spectator” really  makes you see that trivia tournaments are really  not that  fun. Certain  things  that  happened  to me personally  at tournaments  made them even less fun (negative  attitudes  from competing players, unpleasant  drives to games). Ugh…hate driving “downriver!”

The last couple  of months  of the year  are busy for me at work, too. If I’m  going  to be expending  energy  on trivia post seasons, this time it will be with my own team  in the  Sporcle Live league.

This  wasn’t  an easy  decision  to make since I love trivia and love being at the “big” games. But the intensity  does take a toll on my mental  health.

Sometimes you have to do what’s  best for you! I’ve  offered  to help recruit alternative  players if the team captain needs me to.



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