Here’s My Opinion on a Recent Golden Globes Final Question …


There was a Golden Globes final question last night (good thing I wasn’t playing). In this meme, Calculon from Futurama expresses his opinion on Golden Globe awards (which I happen to agree with).

Here was the question:

Golden Globe for Best Actress Awards have gone to Amy Adams in a 2014 film, Sally Hawkins in a 2008 film, Kate Winslet in a 2008 film, and Renee Zellweger in a 2000 film. Name any one of those four films.

It’s tough enough keeping all of the Oscar nominees/winners straight – let alone winners and nominees for these “not quite an Oscar” awards! And now that there are up to TEN films that can be nominated for best picture (which I dislike), it’s even tougher to keep all of this sh– straight!

Again… I am so glad I didn’t play this game – I would have raised holy Hell! 🙂

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