Could Be a Competitive Night At Sticks!

We’re not “really” in contention for the Thursday trivia nights at Sticks. We’re not trying to win a tournament spot here, but we still have a “team to beat!” Even if that “team” has only been represented by one “lonely” person for the past three weeks (had a helper I didn’t recognize last week for game two).

Now, we’re only 37 points away from third place after having only played six games – and only 75 points out of second place (the second place team has played eight times).

Tonight will be the fourth consecutive Thursday night game we’ve played at Sticks. Next week, I’ve been scheduled to work on Friday, so we won’t be able to do a Thursday game next week unless it’s an early game. And since my dear husband has put his foot down about playing an early Thursday game at Original Gravity (beers too pricey)… well, The Owl on Wednesday it is, then!

The first place team at The Owl seems to have a very, very comfortable lead. I mean – a really SUPER comfortable lead (not threatened at all).  I’m happy that this team has found a good trivia “home.” Until a good local Wednesday night spot opens for us, we’ll continue invading their trivia “home” on Wednesdays on those weeks when I get scheduled Fridays! Mike and I both like the drives to Milan and driving through all of that “country.” I especially like that broken silo on Stony Creek Road heading west toward Carpenter for some strange reason…

Depending upon what happens with the paid parking that’s supposed to invade my town in the future (which you can read about here), we might very well continue playing in Milan Wednesdays with its glorious free parking! If playing at Bobcat Bonnie’s – when that opens up means we have to (gasp) pay to park, then playing out of town on some weeks might actually be a better option. Yes, maybe that’s kind of a stubborn thing and yes, maybe the gas of driving somewhere farther costs more than feeding a meter but it’s the PRINCIPLE of the thing! We can be “creative” when we play at Sticks and try to find street parking, but unsure if we’ll want to do that in the more “sketchy” parts of downtown Ypsi. Ya know…those seedy areas by the bus depot, strip club, and my parents’ church…

Back to the subject of trivia competition…we don’t exactly have as comfortable of a lead at our Monday night trivia spot. But going into the post season with a really comfortable trivia lead over the competition has never been part of our “playbook!” Is that my way of saying we ain’t that great? Uh, maybe! Playing against good teams has always kept us hungry – and made us stronger for the experience (even if that “experience” involves getting roughed up a little). We’ve had good competition on each of our trivia nights this season.

Let’s see how things go tonight…

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