Which Parks and Recreation Character Am I Most Similar To?

I’ve been watching¬† a bit of Parks and Recreation¬†¬†lately. And I’ve¬† been¬† thinking¬† about¬† which characters¬† I am most similar¬† to.

Let’s¬† see…I have a bit of a “dark side” and a bit obsessed with macabre stuff. So this¬† means I’ve¬† got a bit of… (drum roll) April Ludgate. Though¬† I don’t¬† have¬† an evil bone in my body. And I’m¬† not completely¬† apathetic, even If I do love wearing black!

I also have a tendency¬† to like having¬† things¬† done “my way.”¬† I’m¬† hands on, think if you want something¬† done right, do it yourself, am kind of¬† competitive¬† with certain things (hello pub trivia) and love trying¬† to win over emotionally¬† unavailable¬† men. Maybe because that’s¬† what¬† I grew¬† up having¬† to do?

So a little bit of Leslie Knope¬† too! Though¬† at a lessened¬† enthusiasm¬† level (meh)…

So which character is my favorite? Why, Ron Swanson, of course!

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