I’m Feeling the Trivia Captain’s “Itch”

I’m having some serious trivia withdrawals right now…I haven’t played in a trivia game since last Thursday night, and it just happens to work better to make Thursday our “team” trivia night this week, too. Should I be like Barney on The Simpsons and give David Crosby a call?


Brace yourselves! This is one of TWO Matt Groening-inspired pop culture refences I’ll be using in a single blog! Now to find out which of their records attained RIAA gold certification (LOL)!

Our regular Monday game was canceled for the holiday, and dammit – I would LOVE to go out for a game tonight! Yes, I’m feeling a tad bit like a dog on a leash! Maybe like Zapp Brannigan on Futurama when he tells his beleaguered “lackey” Kif that he  has the “captain’s itch” and wants to do…captain’s stuff (I’m not even sure exactly what Zapp wanted to do in this case, but it was probably something ill advised).

captainsitch (1).jpg

Did you know the role of Zapp Brannigan was intended for Phil Hartman? Voice actor Billy West took over the role after Hartman’s untimely death in 1998. As a tribute to him, they gave the first name “Philip” to Fry’s character (though he usually just goes by “Fry.”)

Maybe I’ll dig through some of my old recaps and re-share one of those today…maybe that recap from 2015 where my entire family came out to play and we kicked ass! We had a final question about names of races in The Wizard of Oz that was right up my husband’s alley (talk about your triviagasm)! That was one of those 165-plus points nights which is very, very rare for my team.

Sigh… I can wait until Thursday night…can’t I?



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