Do You Love the 80s? Take This Music Quiz!

Let’s see how you do on this music quiz that is all about 1980s music! Warning, some of these might be “deep cuts” (you might want to look for some Bactine). This is a trivia blog – and there are some pretty advanced placement trivia nerds who follow this blog – so as always, I’m NOT pulling any punches!


It’s not really a ’80s music quiz without at least one question about Madonna, is it?

1. One-Hit Wonders – What singer/songwriter hit #5 on the Hot 100 charts in early 1984 with Break My Stride?

2. The Second Time’s Not a Charm – What was the name of the second highest charting single by Eddy Grant – whom was best known for hitting #2 on the Hot 100 charts in 1983 with Electric Avenue? He hit #26 with another single in 1984 that was intended to be used in a movie, but was only used briefly in the movie – name that single.

3. Albums – What former Roxy Music member released the album Bête Noir as a solo artist in 1987?

4. Albums Part Deux – Besides Purple Rain, name any other two studio albums released by Prince in the decade of the 1980s after the release of Purple Rain in 1984 (Batman does not count).

5. Children of Other Singers – What singer’s child reached #11 with Too Late For Goodbyes and #2 with Valotte in 1984? Name both the singer’s father – and the child.

6. Number One Hits – What group hit #1 on the U.S. charts in 1987 with Head to Toe and Lost in Emotion?

7. Videos – What 1986 single won the Video of the Year award in 1987?

8. Soundtracks – What English new wave band was specifically sought out by film director William Friedkin to do the score for To Live and Die in L.A.?

9. Movie Songs – In addition to their #1 hit Take On Me, A-ha also performed the title song for which James Bond film?

10. Same Title – Name both groups that had hit singles titled Head Over Heels – one peaking at #11 1984 – the other peaking at #3 in 1985?

11. Composers -Before becoming well known as a frequent collaborator with and composer for director Tim Burton – and for his other soundtrack work – Danny Elfman was the front man for what new wave band formed in 1979?

12. MTV Programs – What was the name of the alternative music centered music video show that aired from 1986 to 2000 (later airing again on MTV 2 from 2002-2003)?

13. Madonna At the Movies – Madonna’s 1987 single Who’s That Girl was a #1 single from the movie of the same name. She also had hits with Live to Tell, Into the Groove and Crazy For You. Identify at least two of the movies in which these songs were used. Name all three films for a bonus point.

14. Award-Winning Songs – What female singer/songwriter, known best for her work in the early 1970s, earned an Academy Award and a Grammy Award for best original song for Let the River Run, which was used in the 1988 movie Working Girl?

15. New Wave – What “new” band formed after Ian Curtis of Joy Division committed suicide in May 1980?


One thought on “Do You Love the 80s? Take This Music Quiz!

  1. 1. Matthew wilder

    2. Romancing the Stone

    3. Bryan Ferry

    4. Around the World in a Day, Parade, Sign o’ the Times, Lovesexy.

    5. John Lennon, Julian Lennon

    6. Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam

    7. Sledgehammer

    8. Wang Chung

    9. The Living Daylights

    10. GoGos, Tears for Fears

    11. Oingo Boingo

    12. 120 Minutes

    13.  At Close range (Live to Tell), Desperately Seeking Susan (Into the Groove) and  Vision Quest (Crazy For You).

    14. Carly Simon

    15. New Order

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