Trivia Recap From Monday – Coming Soon (August 27, 2019)

Hey all. I played in a trivia game Monday night, and I’ll have that recap posted really soon! I just got a bit..sidetracked.


A scene from Saving Silverman (more about that in a bit)!

Grief picked a weird time to rear its head today. I was driving home and decided I wanted to listen to a couple of Neil Diamond tracks from his Hot August Night live album (it’s all because my husband and I watched the movie Saving Silverman last night, which has Neil Diamond in it). And I…lost it while listening to Holly Holy. It’s a pretty intense song – no wonder it packed enough of a “punch” to push my emotional buttons…

Call the sun in the dead of the night
And the sun’s gonna rise in the sky
Touch a man who can’t walk upright
And that lame man, he’s gonna fly
And I fly
And I fly

It’s not unlike me to have delayed reactions to people dying – and well, I guess it had to happen today. On my drive home. It still seems so unreal that Archie is gone – all of my hopes that this was just some kind bad dream…gone. Do I follow the Kübler-Ross “stages of grief” and start accepting it? I guess so!

In other news on the Archie front, we’ve gotten word that a “celebration of life” service is being planned (which I think means memorial service at a later date). Per his wishes, he is being cremated, and his remains will be interred at a veteran’s cemetery at Fort Custer near Battle Creek, MI. Interestingly enough one of my own relatives served during World War 2 at Fort Custer, though when she died, her remains were interred at a veteran’s cemetery in Holly, MI.

Sigh…emotions! You can only numb ’em or push them down so much…sooner or later, you just have to deal with them!

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