Fact Du Jour – August 27, 2019 – TV Powwww! Kids’ Video Game They Could Play On The Air – While Watching TV

The only time in my life I’ve been on television was in the late 1970s or early 1980s when I managed to get a “spot” on a local TV news segment called “TV Powww!” Well, “I” wasn’t on TV, per se – but my voice was!


Long and short of it, kids could “play” video games airing on their TV sets – with their voices broadcast while doing it. You basically said, “pow,” when you wanted to shoot. As explained in Wikipedia:

In the video game being featured, the at-home player would give directions over the phone while watching the game on their home screen. When the viewer determined that the weapon was aiming at the target, they said “Pow!”, after which that weapon would activate.

It was a pretty big deal to get “picked” for Tv Powww! It definitely made for playground conversations, if nothing else!

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