Trivia Recap – August 27, 2019 – Sticks (Monday)

Nobody can convince me that magic isn’t real – or that everything that happens in the world has a “reasonable explanation.” Right now, I’m thinking it’s very possible that the “ghost” of a recently departed trivia player had an opportunity to watch us playing in our game Monday night – and had we been able to interact with him, we’d all have a good laugh together…

Why? Because we  played under the team name “Corn Fritters,” which was the name used by a team consisting of Archie (who recently died) – and a bunch of his friends. The “joke” was we had a final question in game two that at least one player on the Corn Fritters (Marian) – would have been able to knock out of the park (country music). In a weird way, maybe Archie and the Corn Fritters were there in spirit!

Whatever “magicks” were at work in last night’s game (or weren’t) – we didn’t exactly have an impressive game (82 points…ugh)! Final questions about technology – and Leann Rimes hit songs weren’t exactly in our collective “wheelhouse!” But we’ve had a pretty good run in recent trivia games – and know when it’s time to take our lumps…There are certainly worse things that can happen to us than bad trivia games, after all!

Now for a look at the questions…

Game One

1. Capitals – Beijing is the capital of what nation? I’m guessing not too many teams struggled with this one, 10 points.

2. Baseball People – What former MLB player who has used the nicknamed Captain Clutch and Mr. November has been a partial owner of the Miami Marlins since 2017? Miss for 1. I think there was a nerd point on this one, but I didn’t write it down (I was having technical difficulties – our table was too close to the TV screen and it was straining my neck to see the questions on the high-mounted screen which was partially blocked by the speaker and cable/satellite box).

3. Singers – Who has released more albums that have reached #1 on the Billboard 200 chart than any other woman and is the only person to have had a #1 album in each of the past six decades? Nobody got this correct at our bar, miss for 2.

4. Artists – What American pop and graffiti artist became popular in the 80s and is commemorated in the AIDS Memorial Quilt? He also created works such as “Crack is Whack” among others? Teams apparently struggled with this question, we got it for 9 (I had a magazine page with this guy’s art on it in my high school locker).

5. Series – Jeff Kinney is the creator of what children’s book series that features a character named Greg Heffley as the narrator and antihero? FB clue (this question abbreviated).

6. Officers – What U.S. Army officer who graduated at the bottom of his class at West Point in 1861 led the 7th Cavalry at the Battle of Little Bighorn where he and much of his cavalry were killed? 7

7. Purchases – Purchases – The Internet Movie Data Base was originally a fan-operated site until 1998 when it was purchased by what technology company? Miss for 3.

8. Characters – What 2011 animated film features the film’s title character voiced by Antonio Banderas, who has to battle against Jack and Jill? 6

9. Hosts – What controversial former prosecutor became a legal commentator with the a self-titled nightly celebrity news show and current affairs show on the HLN channel from 2005 to 2016?

10. Video Games – In 2010, what Nintendo Wii title character introduced in 1928, uses a magic paintbrush to fix a world he accidentally damaged?

Mystery – Anagrams – Amy Poehler movies










Amy Poehler in Mr. Woodcock, which was NOT one of the anagrams! Her character is probably one of the best reasons to see this movie (imho) which isn’t all that great…

Unscramble the following anagrams to reveal titles of films featuring Amy Poehler in a credited role.

I knew we were probably screwed, because I’ve only seen three movies with Amy Poehler in credited roles – and I had a good idea that the other two (besides the one we got correct) were NOT going to be asked about (Mr. Woodcock, Hamlet 2).

M1 – Us Edition

M2  – Once Wiry Nut

M3 – Male Grins

M4 – Thirteen Macaws Rue Mom

Thanks to Mike for also writing these down! I couldn’t quite read my own “shorthand” for question #4, so I found his notes. He would end up being a “backup” on notes for the remainder of the game (he takes much, much better notes than I do)!

Oh yeah…we only got #3 correct. I KNEW one of these was probably an animated movie (which it was), I just couldn’t think of the name of it (Herman’s Head ripoff, grumble grumble)! So not a great mystery round for us. Speaking of Amy Poehler movies? She’s hilarious in Hamlet 2 as a ball-busting ACLU lawyer…

Scores – Eight teams, scores 43 to 59 with Peas Above Stick in first. We were tied for third with 54.

Final Category – Technology

We weren’t confident, but we also didn’t want to NOT wager and wind up knowing it – so we wagered six points.

Since the release of version 1.5 in 2010, Google has code named their Android mobile operating system versions after sweet foods, including Cupcake, Gingerbread, and KitKat. Give the code names of three of the five version releases since KitKat.

Nope, not the right ‘Pods in the mix to know this one (though we did have a couple of correct guesses – only one of which actually made it on the slip).

Final standings: Golden Girls, 74; Peas Above Stick, 76.

Game Two

1. Stories – Audio clue of someone reading from a passage of a book, had to ID the writer (since I can’t provide an audio link I’ll just tell you it’s Telltale Heart). 10

2. Words – What nine-letter word meaning “scatter” or “pour out” describes the movement of molecues from a higher concentration to a lower concentration? Took a bit of thought, but Brad came up with the right guess.

3. Gods – Jupiter is the Roman counterpart to what Greek god?

4. Cartoons – What Cartoon Network sitcom premiering in 2015 features Demetri Martin, Eric Edelstein and Bobby Monihan as three animals trying to assimilate the San Francisco area? Nope…

5. Albums – My Own Prison, Human Clay, Weathered and Full Circle are albums by what rock band formed in 1993 in Florida, disbanded in 2004, reunited in 2009, and retired in 2012? It took me a minute, but thankfully “Human Clay” was familiar enough to connect with something in my brain…

6. Postal Service – The highest zip code in the U.S. is 99950 and is located in which U.S. state? Nope…big miss for 8. Maybe we should play trivia in another zip code for a while as punishment?

7. Breweries – What midwestern U.S. city has the most breweries, with 167, according to the December, 2018 Brewers Association Report? Nope…

8. Politicians – As of August 22, 2019, there are 14 Democratic candidates. Name one of the two states that one of them call home – both for a bonus point.

9. Football Players – What defensive end for the Buffalo Bills and the Washington Redskins, inducted into the pro football Hall of Fame in 2009, following a career where he set the record for most quarterback sacks of all time? Brad was very close in his guess, but nope…

10. Directors – What director’s highest-grossing film released in 2010 was based on a 1951 Disney film of the same name and was based on novels by Lewis Carroll?

Visual Mystery –


Missed #4. Fitting we have a toilet paper visual round for a game we dumped into the toilet by blowing eight points on zip codes (thanks Brad)!

Scores – Seven teams, scores 28 to 57 (did not catch name of team in first). We were in fourth with 44 points.

Final Category – ’90s and 2000s music

LeAnn Rimes has been the lead artist on five songs that have reached the top 25 of the Billboard Hot 100, and just missed with “Blue”, which peaked at #26. Name two of those five songs.

Nope, nope, nope!

Unsure of the final standings…

Until next time, which will be Thursday at Sticks…again! Just the one game, though – no “double header” this week!  As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Leslie Knope!



One thought on “Trivia Recap – August 27, 2019 – Sticks (Monday)

  1. game one answers:

    derek jeter
    keith haring
    diary of a wimpy kid
    puss in boots
    nancy grace
    mickey mouse
    mystery – inside out, wine country, mean girls, wet hot american summer

    final answers:


    game two

    we bare bears
    ca, tx
    bruce smith
    tim burton
    mystery – cottonelle, charmin, angel soft, quilted northern

    final answers: 

    “How Do I Live”
    “I Need You”
    “Can’t Fight the Moonlight”
    “Looking Through Your Eyes”
    “Big Deal”

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