Cabin Trip In October (2019)!

I reserved  a cabin  for three nights in October. Looking  forward  to a fall getaway! Lake Huron coast again…it was rough  finding  an open spot! Michiganians do love enjoying the outdoors (especially  in the fall).

Fall cabin trips (and spring) have  kind of become a “tradition.” In the spring, it’s  a way  of saying “au revoir” to winter ( or celebrate  our wedding  anniversary) but  it’s  even  more special in the fall. Why? Fall colors, chilly weather perking  me up, and pumpkins, pumpkins!

Seeing those bright orange round things  just makes me giddy! I may not touch  a pumpkin spice anything  with a 10 foot pole, but I love real pumpkins!

Now that my ankle is feeling better – and weather is cooler – I want  to start taking walks and hikes again. I get hot and sweaty  enough at work! I like it chilly – or at least bearable – when I’m  exercising  outside. Hell, I took lots of outdoor walks last winter even in single digits. I handle cold better  than  heat.

Unsure what  we’ll  be doing  Labor  Day weekend, but I want to enjoy the  lovely  weather.

It’s been rough  these past few days dealing with the grief of losing  a good friend. Especially  difficult  today… but I’m  feeling much better  now. I hope I can be part of a good sendoff for him. He deserves nothing but the best sendoff on his voyage to Valhalla (as one of his USMC buddies so eloquently  said in a Facebook post). Semper fi!


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