A Little Blog “Update” (August 25, 2019)

I know I haven’t posted any blogs today, and it’s Sunday, and I’m off work. WTF, right? What ELSE could I possibly be doing?

Well, since you asked…I’m working on another “megablog” geared toward fellow lovers of Michigan State parks – particularly, the ones in which one can camp or rent cabins/lodges. My goal is for this to be a “one-stop shopping” spot to see how much it costs to camp, what the camping seasons are, when the “modern” restrooms are open, whether or not cabins/lodges can be rented, and whether there are booze restrictions. It’s annoying to not know how much it costs to rent a cabin, at say Leelanau State Park, without pretending you’re reserving a site. And the PDF available to view online is not exactly an easy thing to read on a smart device/smart phone! If you want to view that PDF so you can see what I mean, click here.

So far, I’ve finished entries for Algonac State Park through Lakeport State Park. Though I want this primarily to be a guide for me, I’d also like it to be a good resource for other Michigan state park users. I’ve already seen that my blog about “state parks with alcohol restrictions” has gotten quite a lot of hits (57 all time views).

It’s been a bit tedious compiling all of this information, but in the end, I think it will be very worthwhile! Yes, I’ll have to update it all again in 2020, but the changes shouldn’t be TOO drastic!

In trivia news (isn’t there always trivia news with me), I’m playing in a ’90s music trivia night tonight with Kim and her “Sparty On” comrades. So I’ll be sure to keep y’all in the loop about how we do in that game – and there will be a recap to read Monday!

Catch y’all on the rebound…thanks for stopping by!

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