Face The Music – August 23, 2019

The My Trivia Live league recently decided to revive its “Face the Music” nights. Kim and I were “semi regulars” at these things when they were offered at the ROC in Plymouth. These nights were kind of a hybrid of a standard trivia night with lots of “name that tune” thrown in (many times we had to “spot” tunes/artists that were playing). In the case of Thursday’s “Face the Music” at Livonia’s Bench Pub, it was pretty much a straight-up MTL trivia night – only it was all about music. I think only once did we have to give an answer based on a song that was playing.

The host announced on the mic that for some of the questions he would use “music clues.” This means that the songs he played would sometimes have “clues” to what correct answers would be (even if obscure).

Our “duo” playing under the moniker More Music, Less Pants managed to finish second for the night and win a $20 gift certificate.

As for driving out there? I used to work as a news reporter in that area, so I’m fairly familiar with Livonia’s roadways. But that doesn’t mean I know them like the back of my hand! I handled the “Michigan left” like a pro – which I needed to do to head west on Five Mile west of Farmington Road (yay I am a Michiganian), but I did an “oops” and accidentally drove past the strip mall where the Bench Pub was! So I turned around at a place that looked super important – with a tall stone gate (Google maps says it’s Parkview Memorial Cemetery). There was a sign in front of it warning Pokémon Go players that it was NOT a place that participated in the game! Sadly, I didn’t take a pic of this (maybe I was worried the “cemetery cops” would bust me for loitering, LOL). That really was quite an impressive gate! Always makes one wonder if the gate is intended to keep people from getting in – or people from getting out.

Another interesting thing Kim told me is that her teammate Cathy on Sparty On used to be a bartender at the Bench Pub back when her dad owned the place (which explains why she knew so much about cocktails when I played with her last December)!

I’m going to do my best with the questions, I didn’t really write any of these down (thankfully Kim took good notes on the score sheet)…I expected more of an “audio” game and didn’t bring a lot of paper (I’ll be more prepared next time)!

Round One – Numbers

1. Band releasing their 1991 debut album which was fronted by Eddie Vedder

2. Band releasing single 867-5309 in 1981

3. Distance the Scottish band The Proclaimers would walk in their hit song

Got all of these.

Round Two – Headline News

1. Not to be confused with adhesive bandage brand, band releasing 1984 single Do They Know It’s Christmas

2. Founding Eagles member releasing single called Dirty Laundry in 1982


He’ll be asked about next…


3. Singer with hits Don’t Mess With Jim and Bad, Bad Leroy Brown. Bonus for three points –  which state did this singer die when plane collided with a pecan tree

Got all of these, missed the bonus (all teams missed the bonus).

Round Three – MTV

1. Name of 1985  Dire Straits song with lyrics “Look at them Yoyos”

2. Heavy metal centered show hosted by Kevin Seal, Adam Curry and Ricky Rachtman

3. Name of English new wave band with single Video Killed the Radio Star (spelling must be correct)

Got all of these. I didn’t watch much of the show in #2, I was more of a “120 Minutes” kind of gal (I even taped some of them).

Halftime – Actors Who Also Sang

Identify the actors who sang the following hit songs:

H1 – Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It, 1997

H2 – Heartbeat

H3 – King Tut

H4 – Party All the Time

I hear #2 was a stumper for most teams, but we got it…here’s a pic of this guy when he’s older:


Director Quentin Tarantino has spoken highly of this guy’s talents as an actor, saying he’s pretty underrated…

Scores – We were in second with 36 points at the half, just one point behind “What Happened?”

Round Four – Royalty

1. Artist recording the Lord’s Prayer in a 1981 single called Controversy

2. First #2 single for Queen on the 1980 album The Game

3. Band formed in 1999 in Nashville with all members having the name Followill

Missed #2. We picked “another” of their #1 singles from the same album, but it wasn’t “the first.” “Crazy” that we missed it… (see if any of you music nerds see what I did there). Also Kim was super excited to finally have a question that left me utterly clueless…

Round Five – Album Titles

1. You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can’t Tune a Fish was the seventh studio album released in 1978 by what band?

2. The 1988 album Aliens Ate My Buick was the third studio album released by what new wave artist who previously had a hit in 1982? The third studio album was a commercial failure.

3. Chicago’s first live album in 1971 was so popular that the band sold out an entire week of shows at what famous East coast concert venue?

Missed #1 and #3.

Round Six – Girl Groups

1. What band debuted  in 2005 with their single “Dontcha?” Nicole Scherzer was also in the group.

2. Audio clue of a song by a 1960s bands with hits including You Keep Me Hanging On and Baby Love (I don’t remember which song he played), had to ID the original name of the group

3. English pop girl group whose members were Scary, Posh, Ginger, Baby and Sporty

Got all of these. We were only team getting #2 correct.

Scores – Seven teams, scores 42 to 63 with What Happened? in first. We were right behind them with 62 points.

Final Category – Who You Gonna Call?

Ray Parker Jr. was best known for his hit single in the 1984 film Ghostbusters. What other single of his hit #4 on the Billboard charts two years later as a solo artist (he did not perform with his group Raydio)?

We wagered zero and missed this – no teams in the bar got it correct.

No changes in standings, unsure who finished third.

Go Pods, Go More Music Less Pants, Sparty On and stay classy, Diana Ross!







One thought on “Face The Music – August 23, 2019

  1. Round one: Pearl Jam, Tommy Tutone, 500 Miles
    Round Two: band aid, don henley, Jim Croce, Louisiana
    Round Three: Money For Nothing, Headbanger’s Ball, Buggles
    Halftime: Will Smith, Don Johnson, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy
    Round Four: Prince, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Kings of Leon
    Round Five: REO Speedwagon, Thomas Dolby, Carnegie Hall
    Round Six: Pussycat Dolls, Primettes, Spice Girls
    Final answer: In Love With The Other WOman

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