(UPDATED WITH ANSWERS) Trivia Recap – August 20, 2019 – Sticks (Monday)

Answers  in the comments. I almost forgot…again  – I get questions  typed  up – and forget  about  the answers…here ya go!

You know it’s a trivia night with the ‘Pods when one of the players says, “Maybe we need to bring a (blank) up here, cut it open and see how many bones it has,” when you get a question about bones! No, we didn’t actually perform a dissection on the bar tables at Sticks! I would definitely say “not it” when it comes to dissections (I barely muddled through dissecting a cat in high school anatomy class) –  but leave that task to Brad, who’s the least squeamish – and most scienc-ey person we had playing with us Monday.

As for the game, we finished with 132 points and a $15/first place prize. We only wagered “half” points on the “annual celebrations” final category in game two, which is good – because we didn’t get it right…we put down another city for this final question which would be the correct answer had the question been worded a bit differently. Here’s the final question from game two:

What city hosts what has been called the second-largest Mardi Gras festival in the U.S. each year in its Soulard neighborhood? The city was originally founded by French fur traders in 1764.

We picked a city that was founded by the French in 1702, was originally the capital of Louisiana, and has the distinction of playing host to the OLDEST organized Mardi Gras celebration in the United States. Which we’ve had as a trivia question before (and got it wrong when we had it, but still the city stuck in my brain). One of these days, we’ll get the question right!

We’re about halfway through the Sporcle Live season, and are still somehow managing to be in first place in the standings with 1,179 total points. I know, I know…the ‘Pods in first place in a bar’s standings? We’re having a hard time believing that, too! Hats off to We Kind of Forgot About Ghost (who played under a different name) for besting us overall last night and finishing in first.

And the questions…

Game One

1. Literary Monsters – What type of large cephalopod attacks the Nautilus in the Jules Verne novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea? 10

2. Candy – What Nestlé candy bar consists of creamy milk chocolate with crisped rice, according to its packaging? 9

3. Board Games – In the original version of Trivial Pursuit, what color denotes questions in the category of history? 8

4. School Geography – Which U.S. state is home to the most full member schools in the Big 12? Misunderstanding of the question on two counts – one, I thought “Big 12” was the new name for “Big 10” (which actually has 14 member schools, go figure) and Brad didn’t even notice the qualifier “Big 10.” So both of us were brainstorming Big 10 schools…fail for 1.

5. Parodies – Audio clip of Jimmy Fallon singing, had to ID the band’s style he was emulating (quite well by the way).

6. Bones – What number represents the closest number to the number of bones in a newborn baby? 200, 250, 300 or 350? Yeah…we were way off, miss for 2.

7. TV Kids – What TV title characters had a child named Mearth whom was hatched from an egg in the fourth season? 6

8. Trees – Eastern white, western white, sugar, red and Ponderosa are among the most common species of what tree? Don’t need to be a lumberjack to know this one, 4.

9. Actors – Name one of the highest-grossing films at the U.S. box office featuring Haley Joel Osment – both for a bonus point. Got one but not both for three, forgot about the second movie in which HJO appears in maybe…one scene. 4 points, no bonus.

10. Titles – In the British commonwealth, what word is used to address those who have been given a knighthood? 3

Mystery – Quickfire

Name the four cities that have hosted summer Olympic games beginning with a vowel.

Got three of these correct.

Scores – Eight teams, scores 44 to 61, with us in first.

Final Category – Elections

We decided to go all in on this, even though I tried to say I was better at naming  election winners – than losers…

In the 20th century, what Republican lost as a vice presidential candidate and two decades later lost as a presidential candidate, never winning either office?

I began writing down a bunch of possibilities as answers….and when we had maybe 30 seconds left to answer the question, I wrote down the name we needed. Risky, because I couldn’t remember whose presidential ticket he was VP on (go figure I was only 4 years old when he was a VP on a presidential ticket).

Final scores – Styx is a Hades Hair Band, 77, ‘Pods, 79.

Game Two

1. Beverages – Willy the Hillbilly was an early mascot for what beverage brand originally developed in 1940? 4

2. Roman Numeral Math – What is 5 cubed when expressed in Roman numerals? Great question for a couple of nerd boys to have to do the thinking on and not me, 10.

3. Hall of Famers – Which NFL team has had 33 players inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame – more than any other franchise? Brad and I really tried on this one, but nope – miss for 1.

4. Job Titles – What does CFO stand for when referring to corporate job titles? 9

5. Eyes – There are three types of photoreceptor cells found in the human retina including intrinsically photosensitive ganglion cells. Name one of the two other types of cells, 7.

6. Songs in Movies – A 1965 version of what song is played during the pottery wheel scene in the 1990 movie Ghost? Facebook clue, 7.



Fun fact! Ghost (which won two Oscars) was directed by Jerry Zucker, the brother of David Zucker – who directed Naked Gun 2 1/2 – The Smell of Fear (scene pictured above). Though they worked separately on these two films, they have teamed up for multiple movies, the most famous of which is arguably Airplane! (1980). I just think it’s funny that David Zucker was kind of poking fun at his brother with this scene featuring Priscilla Presley and Leslie Nielsen…

7. Capitals – What port city was the first state capital of Georgia? 6

8. Magazines – The baby names for girls ranked #576 and #49 in 2018 combine to form the name of what magazine founded in 1937? Took a bit, but I eventually thought of the right magazine (I had to be the token girl on the team for this one, LOL), 2.

9. Delegates – Name either the Republican candidate or the Democrat candidate who earned the most delegates in their respective caucuses in Iowa in 2016 – both for a bonus point. Got both for 5.

10. TV Characters – Aside from the title character, Oswald, Mimi, Lewis, Nigel and Kate are characters that appeared in the most episodes of what sitcom? Every time Brad bitches about the category of TV, he winds up knowing the answer…3.

Visual Mystery –


Got them all.

Scores- Eight teams, scores 36 to 63 with Styx in first – we were in second with 61 points.

Final Category – Annual Celebrations

What city hosts what has been called the second-largest Mardi Gras festival in the U.S. each year in its Soulard neighborhood? The city was originally founded by French fur traders in 1764.

Final scores: 68 (second place ???), Stop the Bus, 73.

We’re fairly sure we’ll be playing Thursday at Sticks (TBD at the moment), a “Face the Music” game is definitely planned that night as well. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Willy the Hillbilly!

One thought on “(UPDATED WITH ANSWERS) Trivia Recap – August 20, 2019 – Sticks (Monday)

  1. Game 1
    1. Giant squid
    2. Crunch
    3. Yellow
    4. Tx
    5. Doors
    6. 300
    7. Mork and Mindy
    8. Pine
    9. Sixth sense, Forrest Gump
    10. Sir
    Mystery antwerp, athens, atlanta, Amsterdam
    Final Bob dole
    Game 2
    1. Mt. Dew
    2. Cxxv
    3. Bears
    4. Chief financial officer
    5. Rods cones
    6. Unchained melody
    7. Savannah
    8. Marie claire
    9. Cruz, Clinton
    10. Drew carey
    Mystery c b d a
    Final st louis

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