Felt Like Old Times!

Had a good trivia night  tonight $30 in prizes  and 152 points!

I chatted  with host after the game, he told me he likes  it when my team and the “dominant” team at the bar are both playing against  each other.

Ya know what? #metoo

I love  watching  the “Lennon/McCartney”  duo together, too! It brings a smile  to my face. And I like seeing them happy together (I don’t  want that  to sound “gay”). I just think  they bring  out the best  in each other in trivia  games. I’ve  played  in games with  both of them, one of them has too much overlapping  trivia  knowledge  with me, the other one? Opposites attract? It’s good when you know what your team members  don’t  – and vice versa.

Kind of felt like old times… well played, rivals of auld! I tip  my hat to ya!

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