What’s Cooking, Doc? August 14, 2019

Hey blog readers! Just letting y’all know what’s happening today! I have today off from work, so I’m doing a combination of chilling out – and getting some things done around the house (which basically means it’s laundry and dishes day)!

I’m also doing some “work” on this blog site! I’ve done a few more “Fact Du Jour” blogs, and am hoping to have at least enough to post one each day until August 31. I also want to update the high-grossing movies blog – though when I last checked box office mojo, there didn’t seem to be a lot of changes in the “positions” at the box office. Two Disney joints in the top spot…big surprise, right? Is anyone mighty enough to take on “The Mouse?” It’s too bad Peter Jackson has said that he’s “Bored of the Rings,” which you can read more about here.

Another big screen Tolkien movie might be able to take on “The Mouse.” But after how The Hobbit was butchered so badly (seriously why stretch one book that was essentially a kids’ book into three movies), who knows? The movies didn’t fail to bring in the money, though they didn’t bring as much as the Lord of the Rings trilogy. For me? What I really disliked about The Hobbit was the tacked-on “romance” involving an Elf woman and a dwarf man. While I am not against the idea of the woman in a relationship being taller than the man (LOL), it really did seem “tacked on.” I just didn’t…buy it.


Evangeline Lilly as Tauriel and Aidan Turner as Kili in The Hobbit trilogy.

Pretty progressive for Hollywood to do, though! Think about how difficult it must be for taller female actresses (Geena Davis, Sigourney Weaver, Uma Thurman) to get cast since Hollywood doesn’t want couples to have the woman be taller than the guy. Or for shorter male actors. Hmm, one movie with a taller woman than the guy as a “couple” was O in Ohio – with Parker Posey (5 foot 5) and Danny DeVito (4 foot 10). She was a married woman who had an affair with him in the film (yes really)!


Danny DeVito and Parker Posey in O in Ohio.

On a personal note, I’m letting go of some negative “mojo” that has kind of been sticking around in my psyche a bit too long. It’s time to put it to rest! But certain things had to happen for that to happen…and I’m not saying any more about that!

Plans are still on to go out for a trivia game tonight at The Owl, so I’ll have a recap of that game on Thursday. See you in the next blog!

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