Facebook Version – Trivia Recap – August 12, 2019 – (MTL Finals)

Editor’s note: This is the “Facebook” version of the trivia recap from Saturday. If you want to see answers, please check out either of the other recaps from that game.

On Saturday, a couple of us ‘Pods “sat in” on the My Trivia Live finals at Aubree’s in South Lyon. We were there just to hear the questions – and soak up the gorgeous day afterwards at Kensington Metropark!

Team Odom/Mosteller took first place/$4,000; Wet Burrito Bandits took second place and Hindsight 20/20 took third place.

We “played along” and kept track of our scores on some “stray” MTL slips I had in my “trivia bag.” We didn’t fare that well on the questions – though we were also in a largely “play casual” mode! Mike left briefly during the halftime round to do a little shopping in a nearby dollar store – and I spent so much time thinking of the name of the queen of the Amazons for the halftime round that I had no time left to think of the other answers! I also transposed the first and middle names of the goddaughter of “The Fonz!” I actually think her name sounds better the way I had it on the “fake” answer slip! But then I also think Channing Tatum sounds better as Tatum Channing (I digress)! It really was kind of nice having the luxury to be a bit leisurely – trivia tournaments can certainly be a tense scene for sure!

I’ll indicate “hit” or “miss” as to whether we got the questions correct…

Round One

1. TV Premieres – The first episode of what TV program premiering in 1976 featured the Mosleys vs. the Abramowitzes (sp?)? hit

2. Animals – What word derived from Latin meaning “to grasp” is an adjective describing a tail adapted for seizing or grasping? hit

3. Bodies of Water – In a 2019 effort to curb pollution, the city of Toledo voted to grant the same rights of a U.S. citizen to what body of water? hit

Round Two

1. Athletes – Also playing for the professional team Reign FC, what 2019 U.S. Women’s soccer team co-captain played as a forward? Dammit, forgot her last name! Miss.

2. Automakers – Launched in 1986, Acura is the luxury line of what automaker? hit

3. International Politics – What nation joined the G8 in 1997 only to be expelled 17 years later? What’s the G8? Yes, that is what I said (it’s not my “job” to know political stuff on the trivia team that’s why I have Brad, Mike and Evan).

Round Three 1. Pastries – Because it can be eaten so quickly, what pastry gets its name from the French word for flash of lightning? Miss.

2. Hip-Hop – What rapper’s first two studio albums were the 2004 album College Dropout and the 2005 album Late Registration? Got this, and I was quite happy about it!

3. Pirates – The Ottoman fleet admiral Barbarossa was also known by what colorful nickname? Hit, Mike talked me out of correct answer (he said he would lose street cred if he missed a question about pirates).

Halftime – The Buried Body

Each of the following clues will have a part of the body embedded in the correct answer. H1 – This sauce was accidentally invented by the same chef who accidentally invented stuffed potatoes

H2 – In mythology, she possessed a girdle that signified her authority as queen of the Amazons

H3 – Since 2010, what actor has played War Machine in multiple Marvel films

H4 – Found in Central and South America and known scientifically as Sebinae, this animal’s subgroup gets its name from a Catholic order of Franciscan friars

We certainly would have fared better on this round if we had a team! But nope, it was just me trying to think of the name of the Amazon queen (talk about fear of losing street cred, lol)! I would have to cut off my (I’ll just stop here) if I missed this one! Yes, I remembered her name at nearly the last second.


Photo I used with the “Facebook” recap…

Round Four

1. Film Stars – Known for her work in the Jurassic World films, Henry Winkler is the godfather of whom? Transposed the first and middle name…and how cool is it to have the “Fonz” as your godfather?

2. Shopping – Opening in the U.S. in 1959, which Michigan city was home to the first outdoor shopping center in the United States? I’m thinking Brad might have helped with this one since he spent part of his childhood here…

3. Colors – Xanthosphores are commonly found in fish and crustaceans and are what color? Miss.

Round Five

1. Cable Channels – What cable channel debuting in 1977 – now a cable TV giant – has its roots in Pinwheel? This question is abbreviated… Hit.

2. ’80s Books – According to the title of a 1980s best seller by Erma Bombeck, what is the second oldest profession? I suggested “wife” and Mike suggested “grave digger.” My guess was closer, but neither of us were right, miss.

3. U.S. Cities – Two of the 20 most populous cities in the state of Georgia share their names with what two major world capital cities? Got one but not both, miss.

Round Six

1. Sports Franchises – Name one of the two professional sports teams in the “bay” area of California that started out decades ago in Philadelphia? I was so excited to know this one! This one is a “Bradagory…”

2. Comedy – According to A&E’s’s Monty Python’s Flying Circus release, what profession appeared in more Monty Python sketches than any other with 51 appearances?

When the answer was revealed, I honestly couldn’t think of that many appearances of this “profession.” We put shopkeeper, miss.

3. Landmarks – At a tilt of four degrees, what cardinal direction does the Leaning Tower of Pisa currently lean? Twenty-five percent chance of being correct? Nope, miss.

Final Category –

Song Lyrics

Serving as a rapid fire history lesson spanning the years 1949 to 1989, We Didn’t Start the Fire mentions several people by first and last name. Name the first person mentioned in the song by both first and last name that is still living.

Nope, since we weren’t playing “for real,” I looked at the people listed in the lyrics of this song while other teams were attempting to answer this…

Our next trivia outing will be our “team” night tonight at Sticks. As always, Go Pods and stay classy, Hercules (going on that “panty raid” for the Amazon queen’s girdle – and then killing her even though she would’ve given it to you willingly was dirty pool – you…half god half man thing!

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