Fact Du Jour – August 11, 2019 – Three Directors Who Cast Their Mamas (And Daddys) In Their Movies

What do Rob Reiner, David/Jerry Zucker and Martin Scorsese all have in common? All three film directors have cast their own mothers in their films!

Let’s take a look at these “cinematic mamas,” shall we?

 Charlotte Zucker (mother of Jerry and David Zucker)

Total 17 film credits




The Naked Gun

Estelle Reiner (Mother of Rob Reiner)

Total 8 film credits


When Harry Met Sally

Catherine Scorsese (Mother of Martin Scorsese)

Total 16 film credits
Goodfellas (with Joe Pesci)

It’s worth noting that the Zucker brothers also cast their father Burton Zucker in some of their films, Rob Reiner’s father Carl Reiner was a famous actor in his own right and Martin Scorsese’s father Charles appeared in some of his films before dying in 1993. Now I would have to wonder what roles I would cast my own parents in if I made my own movie! I can already hear my mother (aka Ms. Behind the Scenes) telling me “no thank you.” My dad might be willing to ham it up for a small role, though!

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