(DELUXE VERSION WITH COMMENTARY) – Trivia Recap – August 11, 2019 – MTL Finals

There’s nothing quite like sitting in on a trivia tournament you don’t HAVE to play! You can spend all day trying to think of one of the halftime answers at the expense of spending no time thinking of the other three, you can take a mid-game break to buy a couple of things for the garden in a nearby dollar store, and you can ogle a zucchini the size of a small cat sitting on the bar that someone brought in from their garden (darn now I want to cook something with zucchini)!

That said, me and my trivia “pardner” Mike sat in on the My Trivia Live finals Saturday at Aubree’s in South Lyon “just for fun.” It was a lovely summer day, and the finals spot just happened to be near a park we planned to visit after the game for a little nature hike. Watch out for the sandhill cranes at Kensington Metropark! If you see three of them abreast on a walking path (mama, daddy and kid), best give ’em some room (they can get aggressive in their quests for handouts).


These birds are nearly half as tall as me!


I had some spare MTL answer slips in my paper/pens bag, so I used them to do our “fake” wagers! We played along to see how we did (not too great, as you will see…)

Round One

1. TV Premieres The first episode of what TV program premiering in 1976 featured the Mosleys vs. the Abramowitzes (sp?)? Mike with right guess for 5.

2. Animals – What word derived from Latin meaning “to grasp” is an adjective describing a tail adapted for seizing or grasping? Duh for 3.

3. Bodies of Water – In a 2019 effort to curb pollution, the city of Toledo voted to grant the same rights of a U.S. citizen to what body of water? What other body of water could it be? The Maumee River? 1

Round Two

1. Athletes – Also playing for the professional team Reign FC, what 2019 U.S. Women’s soccer team co-captain played as a forward? Dammit, I forgot the woman’s last name! Miss for 1, Brad would have remembered had we assembled a “team” for this game.

2. Automakers – Launched in 1986, Acura is the luxury line of what automaker? 5

3. International Politics – What nation joined the G8 in 1997 only to be expelled 17 years later? Miss for 3. I don’t even know what the G8 is…

Round Three 1. Pastries – Because it can be eaten so quickly, what pastry gets its name from the French word for flash of lightning?  Miss for 3.

2. Hip-Hop – What rapper’s first two studio albums were the 2004 album College Dropout and the 2005 album Late Registration? Got this for 1 and I was super excited (woman sitting down the bar eyed me quizzically when I cheered a little). Hey…excuse my “triviagasm,” ma’am!

3. Pirates – The Ottoman fleet admiral Barbarossa was also known by what colorful nickname? Mike talked me out of my wrong answer, got this for 5.

Halftime – The Buried Body

Each of the following clues will have a part of the body embedded in the correct answer.

H1 – This sauce was accidentally invented by the same chef who accidentally invented stuffed potatoes

H2 – In mythology, she possessed a girdle that signified her authority as queen of the Amazons

H3 – Since 2010, what actor has played War Machine in multiple Marvel films

H4 – Found in Central and South America and known scientifically as Sebinae, this animal’s subgroup gets its name from a Catholic order of Franciscan friars


I need someone to make an outfit like this for me to wear to Renaissance festivals (JK)!

I was OBSESSED with remembering the Amazon queen’s name. Call it my “white whale,” but I HAD to remember her name (I feel like I HAVE to know “Amazon stuff”)! Mike went on his little “shopping” trip while this round was going on so I had no help, and he didn’t hear the “explanation” for the round. Good news is I remembered the Amazon queen’s name when the round was almost over! Sadly I spent so much time trying to remember it that I phoned in all of my other guesses…

Round Four

1. Film Stars – Known for her work in the Jurassic World films, Henry Winkler is the godfather of whom? How cool is it to have the Fonz as your godfather? 🙂 Unsure if I would have gotten credit for this answer, since I transposed her first and middle names…I’m going to guess this would have been a miss for 6. 

2. Shopping – Opening in the U.S. in 1959, which Michigan city was home to the first outdoor shopping center in the United States? Miss.

3. Colors – Xanthosphores are commonly found in fish and crustaceans and are what color? Miss.

Round Five

1. Cable Channels – What cable channel debuting in 1977 – now a cable TV giant – has its roots in Pinwheel? This question is abbreviated… Mike had right guess for 6.

2. ’80s Books – According to the title of a 1980s best seller by Erma Bombeck, what is the second oldest profession? My initial guess was closer to correct than Mike’s guess that I wrote on my “fake” slip, miss.

3. U.S. Cities – Two of the 20 most populous cities in the state of Georgia share their names with what two major world capital cities? Got one but not both…miss.

Round Six

1. Sports Franchises – Name one of the two professional sports teams in the “bay” area of California that started out decades ago in Philadelphia? Got this for 2 and was very excited!

2. Comedy – According to A&E’s Monty Python’s Flying Circus release, what profession appeared in more Monty Python sketches than any other with 51 appearances? I didn’t know there was that many of these “professionals” in the sketches. We put “shopkeeper” as our guess, miss.

3. Landmarks – At a tilt of four degrees, what cardinal direction does the Leaning Tower of Pisa currently lean? Roll a d4? Miss. 

Final Category –

Song Lyrics

Serving as a rapid fire history lesson spanning the years 1949 to 1989, We Didn’t Start the Fire mentions several people by first and last name. Name the first person mentioned in the song by both first and last name that is still living.

Hate, hate, hate that song with a passion…Billy Joel is probably one of the most brilliant living piano players and his skills are utterly wasted with this song and its annoying pentatonic tones. And it was SO overplayed in my senior year of high school, gah! If I had a chance to meet him, I would tell him how many times this song has been used to “torture” trivia teams! I would actually love a chance to meet Billy Joel, BTW…we’d probably have a lot to talk about!


How did a guy who looks like this wind up marrying Christie Brinkley? My opinion? The pen is truly mightier than the sword!

Would not have gotten this…glad this wasn’t “our” tournament! Team taking it was was Team Odom, aka Team Rick. Third place was Hindsight 20/20 and second place was Wet Burrito Bandits. As for us, we would have either 30 or 36 points going into the final (seriously we didn’t put in a whole lot of effort).

I’m glad that a  different team took the top spot this time – and a couple of teams that aren’t normally in the prize zone won some cash, too. You can hate “Team Rick” all you want for being as good as they are (don’t even think of setting foot in a Canton trivia spot unless you plan to lose to them) – but they’re not bad folks at all… They deserve a bit of respect and have shown respect to my trivia team on plenty of occasions! You don’t always see that with other trivia teams, either. Kudos to them for taking first (well played…well played)!

For those teams who didn’t place in the prize zone this time? Yes, it’s disappointing when it happens (boy do I know that far too well). But there are other tournaments on the horizon! You won’t have to wait long for your next chance at winning some tournament money (three months?).  If you want sympathy from me, well let me fetch the world’s smallest violin and I’ll play it just for you (LOL)! I kid…I kid. I don’t even know how to play a regular violin, let alone an itty bitty one! I respect plenty of other trivia players out there even if they (almost) always best me and my team in trivia battle. There are some players I have zero respect for, but I’m not going to say anything more about them! That Billy Joel final question did more damage than any of my lame attempts at cursing and witchcraft! Did I mention “lame?” Yeah… I wouldn’t know what to do with an eye of newt if it stared me in the face!

Our next trivia outing will be our “team” gig on Monday. As always, Go Pods and stay classy, Chubby Checker!

One thought on “(DELUXE VERSION WITH COMMENTARY) – Trivia Recap – August 11, 2019 – MTL Finals

  1. round one

    family feud, prehensile, lake erie

    round two

    megan rapino, honda, russia

    round three

    eclair, kanye west, redbeard

    halftime – bearnaise, hippolyta, don cheadle, capuchin

    Round four

    bryce dallas howard, kalamazoo, yellow

    round five

    nickelodeon, motherhood, athens/rome

    round six

    golden state warriors/oakland As, police officer, south

    final question answer: chubby checker

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