Trivia Recap – August 6, 2019 (Sticks Monday)

Answers are in the comments.

It was a good night for teams to get both final questions right – sadly, ours was not one of those teams! I guess we just didn’t pay enough attention on those random times Spin City happened to be on TV, other than always talking about how much Alan Ruck looks like one of our trivia teammates – Dave! And did you know that Dave and Alan Ruck are both from the same ‘burb of Cleveland? Are they long lost secret brothers? Questions abound! Maybe had Dave been present at the game, his Alan Ruck look alike mojo might have helped us get the final question right in game two!

Other than game two, which we will not discuss after the posting of this recap, we did well – winning first place and a $15 prize in game one. Substitute trivia host Jessi’s tunes (many of which were from the 1970s) kind of sparked a little bit of “name that tune” among some of us (Brad – Gladys Knight does NOT sound a thing like Diana Ross, BTW)! It’s all good – Brad was pretty much the game one MVP (he probably could have played it solo)!  Too bad our long lost ‘Pod and team founder Sam was not there to hear Jim Croce’s Bad, Bad Leroy Brown! If there’s a bigger fan of “Jim” out there, we haven’t met them yet! Ahem…someone may have joked about the line about him being 6 foot 4 – “So is that supposed to mean that he’s tall?”

Trivia – who knows how Jim Croce died?

And here are the game questions! These will be abbreviated…

1. Symbols – What keyboard symbol’s name comes from the Greek word for “little star? 10

2. Bowl Games – Of the five schools that have played in the Sugar Bow the most times, all are members of what athletic conference?

3. Festivals – What music festival was initially planned to be held in New York then moved to a venue in Columbia, Maryland before being canceled entirely? 9

4. Symptoms – What tetanus symptom is also known as “trismus?” 8

5. Actresses – Of the three Lupita Nyong’o movies grossing $150 million or more at the U.S. box office, which was released most recently? Miss for 2.

6. Constitution – The 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution deals with the process of term lengths of what specific elected position in federal government? 4

7. Waterways – The 27-mile long Welland Canal connects which two Great Lakes? 7

8. Amphibians – Alabama, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Kansas are among the U.S. states to have an official state amphibian that is not a frog. What is that amphibian? Hint – it’s NOT mudskipper! 6


Muddy Mudskipper on Ren and Stimpy – in cereal bowl caddy form! I LOVED how they made him sound like Burt Young in Rocky…or was that just me?

9. Cameras – What company best known for film and cameras was founded in 1937 by Edwin Land? 5

10. Creators – Who created the HBO series Girls which aired from 2012 to 2017? For an additional bonus point, what was that character’s name? Brad commented that all of the other teams ran up their answers right away for this one, but not when the “cameras” question was read…generation gappy! Glad we still had our one point slip, miss for 1.

Mystery – Shakespeare – or Batman?

ID whether the following quotes are from Batman – or the Bard…

M1 – As a man, I’m flesh and blood – I can be ignored – I can be destroyed.

M2 – The weight of this sad time we must obey.

M3 – They have tied me to a stake – I cannot fly – but bear like I must fight the course.

M4 – You’l hunt me, you’ll condemn me, set the dogs on me.

Got all of these.

Scores – Eight teams, scores 20 to 63 with us in first.

Final Category – Lines from Literature

What notable 20th century novel opens with the line, “It was a pleasure to burn.” and closes with the line, “When we reach the city”?

Got it, along with four other teams…

Scores – Stop the Bus, 82; ‘Pods, 83

If you want to pretend our trivia night had a happy ending, you might want to stop reading here! 🙂

Game Two

1. Company Names – What term that has become synonymous with miniature golf is actually a trademarked name that was founded in 1954? 10

2. Soundtracks – What 1999 Adam Sandler movie featured the songs Sweet Child of Mine as performed by Sheryl Crowe and When I Grow Up performed by Garbage? The only Adam Sandler movie I know a couple of things about is The Wedding Singer. Needed my old GDX teammate Ang for this one! Miss for 1.

3. Candy – What candy made from sugar, lactose and flavoring with carbon dioxide bulbs inside provides its namesake reaction when eaten? 9

4. Unions – PATCO, a labor union which existed from 1968 to 1981 when decertified following an illegal strike as referenced in its name, represented people in what occupation? I have a feeling Joel would have helped us with this one! We missed for 2.

5. Actors- Idris Elba has been credited in at least 20 episodes of what TV series, name one of those two series. Nope for 3.

6. Quarters – Which U.S. state quarter depicts three men on a river underneath the words Corps of Discovery? Nope for 4. Our Oregon Trail adventure is DOOMED!

7. Literary Characters – “I think I can, I think I can” is a phrase uttered frequently by what character, whose story has appeared in many different stories and publications? Brad the savior here for 8.

8. Schools – Sorbonne University was established in 2018, but traces its lineage to 1257 is a major public university in what major European city? 6

9. Nicknames – The younger sister of the royal person whose birth name is Catherine (did not write down whole title) is best known by what nickname? For an additional bonus point, what is her “birth” name? Got this for 6, missed the bonus. Are you ready? A softball is about to be lobbed right at your heads! Duck and cover!

10. Animals – Canis familiaris is the scientific name of what animal?

Visual Mystery –


Missed #3.

Scores – Five teams, scores 43 to 63. We were in fourth with 51. Stop the Bus was in first.

Final Category – TV References

We hoped that it would be a TV reference we would “get.” That did not happen…

In his final episode as a regular on Spin City in 2000, Michael J. Fox’s character moves to Washington to become a lobbyist and mentions that he met a conservative junior senator from Ohio. What is the name of that senator?

Game winners – Peas Above Stick, 79; Stop The Bus, 80.

Until next time, which will be Thursday at Original Gravity. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy…Muddy Mudskipper from Ren and Stimpy!


One thought on “Trivia Recap – August 6, 2019 (Sticks Monday)

  1. game one

    1. asterisk

    2. SEC

    3. woodstock 50

    4. lockjaw

    5. Us

    6. senators

    7. ontario, erie

    8. salamander

    9. polaroid

    10. lena dunham

    mystery – batman, shakespeare, shakespeare, batman

    final: fahrenheit 451

    game two

    1. putt putt

    2. big daddy

    3. pop rocks

    4. air traffic controllers

    5. luther, the wire

    6. missouri

    7. little engine that could

    8. paris

    9. pippa,  philippa

    10. dog

    mystery – ford, nixon, arthur, van buren

    final: alex p keaton

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