Fact Du Jour – August 6, 2019 – Pirate TV – Forgotten MTV Series

Once upon a time, MTV was a place where you could watch music videos pretty much 24/7 (yes kiddos, there was a time when you could do that on MTV). Nowadays, it’s a place to watch reality TV shows such as The Real World, Road Rules and Teen Mom. The only thing I tuned in for on MTV in the past few years was their re-booting of Beavis and Butt-Head. Farther back, MTV had a game show series called Remote Control.  For a brief period in 1990, MTV dipped its toes into the sketch comedy genre with Pirate TV, co-created by Dave Kolin and Steve Kerper.

As a high schooler? I was enthralled with Pirate TV! It was some of the funniest sh– I’d ever seen on TV…what I wouldn’t give to be able to watch Pirate TV again! If someone even had a VHS copy of this I would find a VCR on which to play it (mine broke some time ago).

I was unable to find much information about Pirate TV (no images), but it aired one season in 1990. Its premise was TV being broadcast from aboard a pirate ship with “pirated” signals. Some of the bits included Rastapiece Theater (featuring a dreadlocked host), and a jockstrap pump device called “Reejok” (satirical jab at the Reebok pump sneakers) – among others (I really wish I could remember more than just laughing my ass off whenever it was on). Some of the concepts transferred over to a HBO series airing from 1992 to 1993 called Hardcore. Will have to look into that!

Note to MTV? Bring back Pirate TV – and I might tune in to watch your channel once again!

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