Trivia Plans Week of Aug. 5, 2019

We’ll  be changing things  up a little with  our  trivial  pursuits next week. Monday  we’ll  play our usual  Monday  game at Sticks, but also play at Original  Gravity  Thursday. Unless Dave bails on me last minute! If he bails, I’ll  have  to either play  solo, or just call it off. I can’t  play Wednesday   (mom’s  bday) and I can’t  play  a late game Thursday (work Friday).

As for the MTL finals next Saturday  Aug. 10? I’m  50/50 as to whether  I’ll  go. Depends  on weather, whether I get to  have the car, whether other  teams need me and whether I want to play with them or not. I’m  not ruling  out going as a “spectator.” Someone  has to do a game recap, right? Plus, the finals spot is an easy  shortish drive for me (and scenic).

It’s  been tough  making weekend  plans  lately because I keep getting  scheduled  Sundays! My fellow team members  at work have been trying  to squeeze in their vacations  before they’re  blocked out leading  up to Labor Day, so I may be picking  up other people’s  Sunday shifts. Whatevs…I know others  work more Sundays  than I do, so I’ll  roll with it – for now.

That’s  it for now! Now to figure  out  what  to do today! I’m  leaning  toward heading  out to a pool! One of the public pools plays ’80s tunes between  2 and 4 pm.  Hmmmm!

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