I Just Want…To Be Able To Park By My House Again!

My patience is wearing thin with the paving project going on near my house. Since last Monday night, we’ve had to park our car about 300 feet away (per Google maps’ reckoning, WHEN we get the closest spot). Yeah, I know…first world problems – and is 300 feet really that long of a walk?


That’s my driveway right there, but that’s not my car.

Well, not really. But it’s made us really, really put off doing things we need to do – like a grocery run – and returning bottles/cans. Who wants to do that kind of a “schlep?” And when you have someone coming to your house to drive you to a trivia tournament, it’s just darn annoying.

By 8 a.m. Monday, we’re “supposed” to be able to park on the new asphalt, according to the “liaison” of our condo community (aka Julie).

By the time I get to actually drive into my driveway, I’m sure I’ll really, really appreciate the nice smooth asphalt! šŸ™‚

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