Fact Du Jour – July 27, 2019 – Least Visited National Park in the (Contiguous)U.S.

You may not have even heard of this U.S. national park unless you happen to live in the state of Michigan. You can only get to it by boat – or seaplane. It’s Isle Royale National Park. The 894 square mile island located in Lake Superior, one of the five “Great Lakes.”


It’s the least visited national park in the contiguous United States – receiving only about 19,000 visitors per year. It’s also the only U.S. national park to be completely closed in the winter months. Except to moose! Despite the low number of visitors, people are likely to spend more days – on average – in this national park than they do in most other national parks. That may because many visitors attempt to hike the full length of the 40-mile long Greenstone Ridge Trail. A boat service will shuttle hikers from different points on the island (so you don’t have to hike the 40 miles there and back unless you’re super hardy).

The more challenging trail is the 29-mile Minong Ridge Trail.

Once you’re on the island, you can either stay in the Rock Harbor Lodge – or in any one of the “backcountry” campsites. You can also stay in “camper cabins” located on the “Windigo” side of the island.

Now that I’ve found out about the camper cabins, I think I’m kind of interested!


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