Looking For A Trivia Recap? A Handy Guide!

I may have acquired a new blog follower recently because of expatriation from Facebook! While I am saddened beyond belief (not really) to have lost a Facebook friend, I am elated beyond belief (yes really) to have another person visiting this blog site!

All of that said, let’s pretend you’re looking for a trivia recap! There are several ways you can look for  them here:

  • Most recent recaps will “usually” be pinned to the top of the page
  • Sorted by date – all but the oldest of trivia recaps will be sorted by month and year
  • Sorted by location – look for a trivia recap based on the bar in which it was played (Sticks, Oscar’s, Original Gravity, Heidelberg, Maiz, The Owl, Corner Brewery, etc.)
  • Sorted by type – look in the category “trivia tournaments”, MTL tournaments, venue tournaments, finals, etc.
  • Sorted by writer – look for recaps written by people other than me in the categories “stolen recaps” or “recaps by other writers.”
  • Want to have some real fun? If you remember an oddball word from a trivia game, you just might be able to find the recap using the search feature on here! I’ve done that before…the more “unique” the word, the better luck you’ll have.
  • Need more help? Message me! If you don’t already have my e-mail, shoot me a message at hebspeaks@gmail.com – and I’ll do my best to help you! Keep in mind I don’t check e-mail on that account very often.

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