(UPDATED) – Three Third Generation Mustang Sightings – In One Day (Weird)!

Today while my husband I were on a grocery run, I saw an older Ford Mustang sitting in someone’s driveway, and because of my “car spotting” skills that are as I would describe as “above average” (not expert) – and I didn’t get a really good look – I guessed mid to late 80s as the model year. Nothing alarming, right? People are likely to still have those cars in their driveways, right? A short time later, I passed by another house that had not one – but TWO Ford Mustangs from the same “generation” (model years 1979 to 1993) sitting in their driveway – right next to each other – like salt and pepper shakers.

A couple of days after seeing these three cars, I saw a third generation Ford Mustang at a cruise night, so I took a picture:


I like this color!


And here are a couple of pics from the Internets:



I’m sure this means nothing…I just thought it was odd to see three third generation Ford Mustangs within the span of mere minutes. My dear friend Sam used to own a first generation 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang until he moved to Virginia in 2014 and sold it. He bought a new convertible Mustang – perfect for driving around on the “Peninsula” area which includes Newport News, Norfolk and Virginia Beach!

Is this a sign that we need to see Sam soon? 🙂

2 thoughts on “(UPDATED) – Three Third Generation Mustang Sightings – In One Day (Weird)!

  1. Today, I saw a 5.0 DX in the Smith’s shopping center here in Henderson, NV. At first I thought it might be a Toyota Celica like our 1984 rice rocket, then took a closer look and realized it was a Mustang, but more than that, decided that Ford ripped off the design from the Celica. What think you, dear readers?

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