Fact Du Jour – July 23, 2019 – France’s Overseas Territories


If you’re a geography nerd, you probably already knew that France had a little slice of the pie in South America, right? Here’s a map showing where its other overseas holdings are located.

France’s Five Overseas Regions:

Overseas regions have equal status with other regions of France such as Normandy or Brittany.
  • Guadeloupe (Caribbean)
  • Martinique (Caribbean)
  • French Guyana (South America)
  • Mayotte (Indian Ocean)
  • Réunion (Indian Ocean)

France’s Five Overseas Collectivities

They are part of the country and have full voting rights, but are not quite on the same level as a province or state, mainly due to low population.
  • Saint-Barthélemy (Caribbean)
  • Saint-Martin (Caribbean)
  • Saint Pierre and Miquelon (North America)
  • Wallis and Futuna (Pacific)
  • French Polynesia (Pacific)

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