Getting All Packed Up For Trip “Up North”

For reasons I can’t quite explain, I was feeling super motivated when I got home from work today and started collecting gear from the house and the garage – and packing the car! Well – not everything – but the trunk is already pretty full. I figured I might as well do that while I was still in “work” mode and in my dirty work clothes, right?

This will be our first “tent” camping trip in nearly a year. We’ll be staying three nights in a rustic campground on the Manistee River in Northern Michigan.

For playing in the water (I’m looking at YOU, Lake Michigan in Manistee, MI), I have our inflatable water floats – and just in case those have sprung any leaks and no longer keep us afloat, I also packed the “swim noodles,” which if you don’t know what they are, behold:




We bought these while on a camping trip in 2012. It was SO brutally hot that we used them to float up and down the Big Sable River in Ludington State Park. It was also so brutally hot that we ended our trip a day early (our cups had runneth over). These foam things will keep you floating pretty well – plus you can poke people with them from a safe distance!


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