Camping Trip This Week! Also – If Our Beach Blanket Could Talk – And Wheatland Memories

My husband and I will be “sneaking away” for a camping trip this week! We’ll be leaving for “Up North” on Thursday afternoon – and staying three nights at a rustic campground within 30 minutes of the Lake Michigan coast. Temperatures are supposed to be in the upper 80s to low 90s where we’ll be camped, but lower on the coast – so that’s where we’ll likely be hanging out – as much as possible to “beat the heat.”

We have a beach umbrella, and a “Sportbrella,” I have a wide-brimmed hat and I’ll spray myself with canned sunscreen (I think it works more effectively than the lotion-style sunscreen). We also have camp chairs that work well on the beach, a plastic fold-out beach blanket (boy if that thing could talk…)! It’s a blue-and-white striped thing made out of plastic – and folds down to a nice flat bundle. It was an “impulse” purchase nearly 20 year ago, but has become an essential piece of our camping/ “beach” gear. It cleans up easily, sand just rolls off it and it doesn’t become waterlogged like towels and blankets.


This looks similar to our beach “blanket,” but ours is blue and white striped. I actually like this one better!

I also took it along to a music festival, where a drunk guy (whom I believe was also blitzed out of his mind on other drugs) named Damon or Damian (I honestly can’t remember which name) passed out on it.

“Hey…get off our blanket,” I said to him. And then said the same thing louder – quite a few times.

Than I brought out the “heavy artillery.”

“I’ll show you my tits if you get your ass off my blanket right now.”

Yup! I did what I promised…and he also did what he was supposed to. And stayed off our blanket for the rest of the trip! That was one of many of my “wild” memories of this music festival! And I wasn’t even the starring character of some of these wild memories…

Then there was the matter of our “extra” tent that we lent to a friend’s brother to use for the night – which he and a random girl he’d “picked up” – wound up “befouling.” The next morning, his sister was…livid – and she wanted answers!

“Heather – are you on your period right now?” she asked.

I was surprised by her question, but said “No.” She quizzed other women around the camp as well…

The reason she was asking is because “something” was “discarded” outside of our tent. And we learned that it had been “discarded” by her brother’s “lay.” Yes, I know…ewwww!

Though we didn’t investigate as to whether or not the tent was stained or anything…we threw it out after this trip. It had been a “hand me down” from my in-laws – and wasn’t even quite long enough for me to stretch out in anyway.



Another wild Wheatland memory (few were actually photographed)!

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