More Than Just The Waterfalls – Tahquamenon Falls State Park

If you live in Michigan, you probably already know that Tahquamenon Falls State Park will likely be on just about every “top five” list of places you MUST visit in Michigan. It’s located in Michigan’s “Upper Peninsula,” about an hour (give or take) north of the Mackinac Bridge. There is good reason that this 46,179-acre state park is a place you MUST visit! And it’s not just because there is a craft brewery on site (though a nice cold beer and an order of fried pickles will hit the spot after you’ve completed a summer hike)!

If you do happen to visit, there is a good chance you never venture further than the two stops off highway 123 where you can view either the “lower” or “upper falls.” And that’s….OK! There is plenty to marvel at if you just want to see the waterfalls, of if you’re more bold, take a rowboat to a small island where you can walk around in the Tahquamenon River and explore even more waterfalls.

Here are a few pics of me at the waterfalls over the years:


Family vacation, 1977










Beyond The Waterfalls at Tahquamenon Falls State Park

Download a map by clicking here


It only makes sense that behind a lovely set of waterfalls is an equally lovely river! This is what you get to see when you camp at the rustic Rivermouth campground (more about that in a bit)!

So you’ve visited the waterfalls (maybe even seen them in all four seasons) and possibly had a beer or two in the brewpub (which is located on the site of the Upper Falls). You’ve had a lively group of snowmobilers sing “happy birthday” to you in the pub, and eaten a free peach cobbler dessert. You’ve hiked the trail between the lower and upper falls. You’ve put on the “surf shoes” and walked around on the rocky river bottom and maybe even taken a “shower” under some of the falls on a hot day. What else is there to do in this lovely park?


Load up your backpack and camp in one of three backcountry campsites. Advanced reservations are required and must be made at the park (cannot be done online).

“Rustic” Camping


Our camp site at the Rivermouth rustic campground in 2010. We spent a rainy afternoon in a pub watching the U.S. in a World Cup match (those pitchers of Labatt were CHEAP…)

There are 36 sites at the rustic Rivermouth campground. You’ll have to use a “vault” toilet, but will have running water from a spigot (no electricity). Another bonus is that a “modern” campground is not too far of a walk! The views of the Tahquamenon River really can’t be beat…and the river mouth for which this campground is named is a short walk from the campground.


Pure Michigan! The Tahquamenon River.

“Modern” Camping

Modern camping facilities with flush toilets, electricity and running water are available at the Rivermouth and at the Lower Falls.

Group Camping

Group sites can be reserved by contacting the park.


A lodge for a large group or a camper cabin is available for rent. The camper cabin is located in the rustic Rivermouth campground.

For more information about this park, click here.


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