Trivia On For Tonight…

Other  than  my “fact du jour” post today about  llamas, updating  my high  grossing  movies blog  and this one?  Probably  all she wrote  for today!

I’m  amazed  that  the latest Spider-Man movie  is already  in the top 5! I know Marvel can pretty  much  do  no  wrong, but Jesus..  when  did  that  movie even come out? I can’t  keep all of these  Spider-Men  movies straight, and watching Spider-Verse Sunday  has complicated  things  even more! There  is a spider pig  now! Is it inspired by Homer’s “spider pig” bit  in the Simpsons movie (hmmmm).

Funny  side note, today’s  Facebook clue image showed  a couple of old  dudes  in a rock band  with a flashy  young singer  in a long  purple  coat. I recognized one of the “old dudes” as Queen’s  Brian May and  kind of thought  the young  dude might be Adam Lambert but wanted to be sure.  So I sent  it via Messenger  to Evan, my trivia  team’s  token millennial. Of course  he knows  quite  a bit about  Adam Lambert, and all I know  about  him  is he was a People  magazine  “sexiest  man  alive” (no wait that’s  Adam Levine) and is… the new  Queen front man. Yet  I spotted Brian May, and can say co-wrote some Queen songs with Freddie Mercury.

I knew the other old dude on drums was either John Deacon or Roger Taylor (just looked it up  it’s Roger Taylor, but not the same Roger Taylor that was in Duran Duran). Seriously  how “British” of a name is Roger, anyway? Will it ever become a popular  baby name in the U.S.? Oliver is still pretty  popular  for baby  males, though  I think it’s  more  suitable  for  a dog or cat (imho).

Will have a recap to post Tuesday, see y’all then!

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