Reflections On A Busy Saturday At A Kalamazoo, MI Wedding – And Visiting a “Hip Joint” in “The D”

Sigh…I’m glad to have a day where I don’t have to get “dressed,” and more importantly? Today, I don’t have to talk to anyone I don’t want to talk to! I don’t have to wear a dress, I don’t have to talk to Aunt Jane or cousin Sean’s wife, or ANYONE else!

A “fun” moment was exchanged with my husband’s cousin Ben, when one of the women delivering the toast to the two grooms said her name was…Dix?

I whispered into Ben’s ear….

“She said Dix.”

Ben also became my “confidante” when I learned it was an open bar, when I whispered “Open bar, dude” into his ear. He’s always shared my “goofy” sense of humor and has become almost like a younger brother to me. We “get” each other, and I was happy to have him (and his equally goofy brother Josh) sitting at the same table with me at the wedding! You kind of have to learn who your “allies” are at some of these big family gatherings!

Saturday was a pretty huge day in terms of social interaction… an afternoon wedding, and an evening of meeting with a couple of my female friends at a metro Detroit bar/restaurant which was just TOO hip for a square like me (more about that in a bit)!

Add to that…the driving. Friday, we drove 110 miles, not counting the miles involved in not being able to immediately find our crappy motel room (looking back maybe it was better that we DIDN’T find it – negative review has been posted on Travelocity) and gaining our bearings on Kalamazoo’s one-way streets. Then we did those 110 miles again Saturday when we drove home for a quick “layover,” before heading out AGAIN to Berkley, MI (about an 80 mile round trip). So we’re talking more than 300 miles on the odometer.

By the time I set foot in Vinsetta’s Garage on Woodward Ave. in Berkley, MI? I was pretty much SPENT! But it was SO nice to have that precious little bit of time with Michelle, whom I usually only get to see once a year on Thanksgiving weekend. Apparently, the place Amy wanted to meet for a late dinner has a bit of “history!” I’d definitely recommend it for anyone wanting to go to a “hip” joint. Remember you’ll still be able to smell the grease and the the motor oil a bit (and I’m not talking about grease from the food fryers)! And it’s located on the very historic Woodward Avenue, which has a “dream cruise” every year.

Though I’m not a vegetarian anymore, I tried the housemade “veggie” burger. Since it was vegan (aside from the goat cheese), it didn’t hold together very well (hello, eggs…). I was so hungry I didn’t really care! The house-made potato chips were a bit too overdone for my tastes, but I was just too cheap to add the $2 for fries. If you’re looking for a food review of Vinsetta Garage, look elsewhere! 🙂


Not the best pic, I shot it quickly while walking by…that last word is “Eats.”

This used to be a real “car” garage, but investors bought it in 2011 and announced plans to gut it and turn it into a restaurant. Judging from how packed and busy it was while we were there, they are DEFINITELY getting a return on their investment (and I don’t think Bar Rescue guru Jon Taffer would have any complaints about its operation)!

I’m almost sorry I didn’t take more pics, but I felt it was more important to take the time to catch up with Michelle than to be a “shutterbug!” I didn’t even take my tablet out of  purse, except to take a few pics.

Speaking of the importance of being around people who “get” you… that is definitely true with Michelle and I! I’ve known her for 30 years now, and though she’s lived in a couple of different states during that time and is now married to her third husband – every time we get a chance to meet up, it’s like no time passed since the last time we saw each other.


And…one more pic! Caption contest? You can only IMAGINE what kind of things women would say about this thingmajig below…


Is this how a man is measured? Questions abound! Vis a vis the word “vacuum,” LOL!



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