Reflections Upon Watching ’90s Music Show…

It’s  all becoming  clear why I tuned  out of the “current” music scene  in the mid ’90s after Kurt Cobain’s death (which I will never, ever call a suicide), with  certain  exceptions   (nine inch  nails  a case  in  point).  I respect  Shania  Twain  for her  Loretta  Lynn/Dolly  Parton esque rags to riches story even if I didn’t  dig her style of music, I want  Carly Simon  to beat  the crap out  of Alanis  Morissette  for making  such an obnoxious  “kiss and tell” song vis a vis “You Oughta Know” (come on folks it was about  some asshole on Full House and she knows zilch about irony) and it has occurred  to me that Garth Brooks  and Jon  Lovitz  have  never  been  in  the  same  room  together. However, some Sheryl  Crow  songs  were…pretty good. I love “If It Makes You Happy” and her Cat Stevens  cover (“First Cut  Is  The  Deepest”).

Of course  I’m  way  too  white  to have ever given  two shits about  gangster  rap. Though  years  later  I decided  that  “It Was A Good Day” is a great  song, as was “Gangster’s Paradise.” Later I would take a liking  to Eminem  a bit (hey I’m  white and he’s  a Michigan  boy).

Holy  shit….another  CA earthquake? Way  to interrupt  my music rant, Mother  Nature   (well played)!

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